Top Ten Best Skateboard Companies


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21 Zoo York

Zoo York is the best always land every thing and always give you that perfect pop when trying to Ollie down a set of stairs

22 Zero
23 Nike SB

Best shoes in my opinion that I have ever skated!

24 Revive

It's an awesome company it has awesome skaters and good decks

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25 ENDdustries Skateboarding Co.

This skateboard or skateboarding company from Indonesia. ENDdustries Sk8boarding Co. own several skateboard brand. Its also have a good concept in campagne and promotion. The products also have a good quality. I believe it will be the best skateboard company from Indonesia. #Skateboarding4Happiness

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26 Cliche

I bought a cliché about a month ago and love it has a really good arowdynamic set up and better pop than any other board and I've skated creature flip ejoi element almost

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27 Black Label

Best Board Company ever

28 Four Wheel Co

Best wheels out there

29 Skechers
30 Hosoi
31 Chocolate

The chocolate boards are every good

32 World Industries

Should be in the top 5

33 Independent
34 United Boards
35 Polar
36 Welcome Skateboards

My personal favorite board Company

37 Lifeblood Skateboards
38 Primitive
39 Powell Peralta
40 Dogtown
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