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21 Girl

The wheels just fly really smooth and fast
I used to suck at skating but these wheels make it a whole lot better

Girl is a deck company not wheels? Not the best

Girl are so! Smooth and elements are good to trust me girls the way to roll

22 Toy Machine

Good quality wheels. 101a is so slick and they don't get any flatspots!

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23 Kryptonics Skateboard Wheels

I LOVE the person who said they suck and never slide how the crap is sucky Kryptonics even get on here I HATE them Kryptonics even on the list the only place to get Kryptonics is at crapy Walmart

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24 Alien Workshop

I've had them for over a year and they stil arnt warn out or chunks comeing of

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25 ATM

Known as ACID, these are the best wheels, grip and break when needed

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26 Enuff

Come on its got to be enuff cause they're great for street and amazing at power slides I easily recommend enuff wheels with some fast bearings

They are ok for your moneys worth probably the best wheels you can buy for under £20

27 Enjoi
28 Better Skateboard Wheels

Best. I have 54 mm. Lasting for a long time.3 weeks, threading is still in them. They slide great, no flatspots yet. Best wheel I've had. And cheap too. Custom graphics! Get some.

29 Powell

I love Powell Peralta wheels. I will be honest they don't make the best street wheels but they make the hands down best vert/bowl riding wheels there are. They are the original classic old school brand for skating boarding out there and they make amazing oldschool wheels. I've tried skating spitfires for vert but they just aren't as good as Powell peralta. I love spitfires too and they are my favorite wheel for street and I think they are the best but mostly I skate vert and from my experience Powell peralta wheels are the best you can buy for vert skating

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30 Zoo York
31 Chocolate Wheels V 1 Comment
32 Shark Wheel

Longer lasting better grip and better slide control.probably the best on the market right now. The company has over4,000,000 in sales

33 Pro Company Wheels
34 Almost Wheels

The wheels of almost are good, there is a lot of soft. They are also narrow

35 Satori
36 Momentum Wheel Co.

Ryan Sheckler is a part of the team

37 American Force Wheels

Force are the best they last forever and you can get them at

38 Ninja
39 TGM

Greet got flat spots in 2 months

Very smooth wheel. Not bad wheels

40 Fillmore
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