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41 Ninja
42 Wreck Wheels

These are good wheels. You should place them on the top ten with wayward.

The world's best urethane!

Like the ruin formula.

43 Fillmore
44 Cliche

I have Cliche Skateboard wheels and is good wheels and cheap...

45 Baker
46 SML

These are one of the smoothest wheels out there

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47 Speed Demon

Friend has em 3 years still smooth

48 Yellow Jacket
49 Speedlab Wheels

Great for bowl street and vert skating. Feels like a soft wheel when it is a hard one. Powerslides are amazing flat ground with these. Get this smaller brand and check out the team.

50 World Industries

World industries are the best wheels I ever skated my dad bought me some on line. They roll very smoothly to. 😊😊😀

51 Orbs

I love welcome and orbs they go together perfectly

Seriously why are orbs way up here orbs are great for street park and vert. They don't flatspot and last forever. U should try them out.

52 Flip Wheels

Great wheels for street and park

Very good wheels

53 Sanction
54 Dynamite

Best wheels ever ridden have had them for 5 years not one flat spot and fantastic for park, vert and street

So good

55 Globe
56 Pavos

I got new pavos and skated street for four days straight and they still look new

57 Birdhouse

They are amazing they're better than my spitfires

Sick lasted me 12 year get em on a complete bird house they are amazing beacuase they are so smooth I skate pools and powerslide so yea

58 Wub Wheels

Excellent Hardness and 0 Flatspots! Super fast and buttery. I would recommend and it feels good supporting a smaller company.

59 Symbolic Wheels
60 Moska

The Best skateboard wheels of Brazil

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