Alien Workshop


Alien workshops shouldn't be 11. At least above birdhouse and darkstar. In my life I've only skated plan B and Aliens, and Aliens are an amazing ride. After 1.5 months of hardcore skating, (1+ hours a day) its had nothing but a small chip the size of a quarter in the tail. Alien Workshops are a very comfortable board if you know what I mean, and they are a very good board! I learned Tre flips and 360 shuvits on my alien and after that I can't treflip any other board.

Alien workshop is the sickest board you can ever get. I mean who wouldn't want a board made by Rob Dyrdek. He is the coolest skater of all time. Why would Rob Dyrdek even make a bad board. IF you were to buy a skateboard, or suggest one to a friend say "Alien Workshop" that is all you have to say. Get an Alien Workshop skateboard and you will never regret it.

The designs are super creative and you get a nice smooth grind with some great pop. Alien workshop is a really well rounded skateboard company and I am really glad I am a part of their skateboard company. Alien workshop rocks!

Alien Workshop is the best board I have ever had. I have had it for a few months and did many tricks with it even fell off a hill where I pretty much almost broke my face but my board was still in amazing condition! ALIEN WORKSHOP for the win!

Alien workshop was my first board I had it for 3 months and all it did was chip a little then my friend convinced me to get a toy machine the toy machine was lighter but it chipped a lil easier than the alien workshop but toy machine and alien workshop are equally awesome

Alien work shops are superb. I have skated for 19 years I have had nearly all skateboard brands but this is definitely my favorite. It pops great grinds great its light weight and on top of all that they are not to expensive. Sixty bucks out of your pocket max

Deffinitely should be on the top ten, such an awesome brand, first one i bought, i learned like 5 flip tricks within the first week. The pop was incredible! Best ever.

Its made by rob dyrdek and he's a famous skateboarder with 3 T.V. shows and a friend named big black who was his bodyguard but became his friend. He has two puppies named meaty and beefy and they're so cute!

Alien Workshop is the best brand ever, don't know how it is in such low rank, their skates are smooth and durable incredible speed and the quality is awesome, gotta love the Alien Workshop.

Mate I loved aliens a lot and a loved skateboards a lot them put together is lit not only that there the smoothest ride there is they are super strong and very light

My first ever proper board, and so far its been amazing. Like I'm real new to skateboarding, but I learnt my first Ollie on this thing within 2 hours! Sick board!

I love Alien Workshop. The board is light and has amazing pop. Should be third. Plan B and Element are still better boards, they deserve to be top.

Alien Workshop has the best designs and okay pop. Alien Workshop is great with their big alien head and droopy logo. - XxSpitfire34109xX

Best sk8board ever! It has amazing graphic and very durable. Every skateboarder should use this skateboard to do be the best skateboarder. It also good for all beginners. AWS it is way better than enjoi or girl or any of brands. It is also pretty cheap and very good.

I've been riding a Workshopon and off for 2 years! The last 3 months I've been skating park and I've chipped it a few times and that's it after 2 years! This board is light, has an awesome pop and concave and the paint slides hella well! It's pretty flexible too!

they are super light and have the best pop I had a element but it was way to heavy so now I skate aws

elements break easily and alien workshop have the best pop and they work the best too

Such a Rad board. The designs are sick and suit both genders. May be expensive but they're worth it. Must buy.

I just picked up one of these sick boards and oh my god... Amazing pop, feel and flick

Best board ever... My friends got one and I ran it over with his big ass four wheeler! Still in perfect shape!, !,

That pop... First time using it, I crapped my pants because it was so amazing. I'm still wearing them!

It was my first deck all I get now... Amazing pop... Light and durable... Their designs are amazing too.

It has good pop, and it was one of my first skateboards ever. I love them

they look great, are fast, lightweight and very stable and strong - cheeseball

I have my own Alien Workshop board and it's one of the best skateboards I have ever had