I got a birdhouse 2 months ago and it was just great the pop is awesome and I mastered my kick flip with it only in 3 days and the graphics are awesome beside hawk skate with it

This generations "Classic" board, my first was the Falcon 2, and it's still together after 11 years, enough said! I love Birdhouse and all of Tony Hawk's branches of entrepreneurship! - HonestKeil17

best boards in the world! the pop is great, the shapes are awesome, and the ply's are thick! also the gloss and paint on the board stays on actually

When I was 5 I got my first complete from BirdHouse. Skated that thing up, Now I want to skate that little board once again and it's still in great shape too.

I've had my birdhouse for a long time and it is still awesome it's great pop and it's light so I consider buying a birdhouse there really good boards

Birdhouse Is Amazing it has such good pop and there graphics are so good the are the best brand so much better than Element and Flip it should be #1

Birdhouse Is THE BEST SKATEBOARD. It contains the highest pop for me and I have like around 50 skateboards CO. THE BEAT is definitely Birdhouse

Birdhouse is tony hawks brand and I love the pop on the birdhouse boards and maybe I will get sponsored by birdhouse one day.

Birdhouse is just so good! I've had it for a month now and its never let me down. Great pop and great graphics!

I don't know why people don't like birdhouse it's an awesome brand hawk uses it! It's just an awesome brand

Birdhouse is the best because the best skater ever was from birdhouse

Are you kidding me, birdhouse is the best so is the hawk himself. NO ONE MESSES WITH THE BIRDMAN!

It is the best brand around. Great for doing tricks, hard to break and is my favorite brand

Dude iv had lots of skateboards before but the birdhouse just rocks its awesome and who does not like the Hawk

They are the best boards the only reason why element is on top is cause all you poor people can't afford good boards like birdhouse - neb26

Company owned by my favorite skater/Tony Hawk!

birdhouse is so much better than everything. oh and element sucks.

Birdhouse is a really nice affordable brand. And is used by tony hawk

Comfortable boards, good for tricks and look stunning

Tony hawk owns this brand...enough said

Birdhouse boards are awesome I just got one. They go faster than any other board I've been and the wheels and trucks are awesome and tricks and ollies are really easy. Anybody who gets a birdhouse will be a pro

This board is my first board and to you it is amazing

It rocks and whoever doesn't vote for this is stupid

Light. Durable. Beautiful. Overall masterpiece.

I have a birdhouse skateboard and it's the best!