Barely anyone who voted seems to actually be able to skate so this whole list is just wrong.

And anyway, it depends what you like to skate, I skate mainly street and mini so I have to go for girl. The pop is amazing, they are tough boards (threw myself down a 10 stair foot straight on te nose and not a crack), nice shape not to curvy, not to flat, big square nose and tail to allow for better control and durability.

Vert winner-Death/creature (all bowl and ramp skaters I know skate either of these brands, they are astonishingly durable and brilliant shape on their 8.25+ models, and they are relatively cheap)

street honorary mention-Element, Plan B, Almost, Heroin, Enuff, jart, 5boro, skate mafia - togutas

k wats wrong with you people you put fricken WORLD INDUSTRIES in front of GIRL you think world is so good then you try a girl and you find out what you have been missing I got a girl deck they only made 2 of them in the world and the other one looks a bit different its the best thing ever like I can pop 3x more than I can on any other board k just get on one and ride you'll bee shocked... - skater989

I've owned 2 plan b boards number 1 on this list and now I have a girl and a girl is a lot better. The shape of it feels great on your feet and it does not get razor tail like plan B. It is more durable and it is easier to control. If I bought a plan b and a girl brand new the plan b might have more pop but it goes away within a few weeks. And the girl would have no change. - FearTheWeird300

Girl have always had nice concaves and just the right angle on the nose/tail for me. I've skated quite a few brands and although I feel the pop of the old shorty's boards and the new cliche boards are slightly better I never get any wood splitting issues with the Girls.

I have a girl and I could do board slid after board slide after board slide and it will not snap it lasted me a year and a bit before I put it into retirement, yep it hasn't snapped it is on my wall I had an enjoi and it snapped in about 3 months :(

I have had 8 boards. 2 Girls, 3 Elements and 3 Zeros. My elements broke within a few months. Same with my zeros. My first Girl on the other hand lasted 2 years. And my most recent Girl has lasted over a year and a half. Girl also has SICK graphic. Definitely the best choice for a board

Girl skateboards have a lot of pop and I don't know about you but I love a huge nose for nollie flips and girl has a lot of pop on the nose too. I have also tried element and they just suck, I have also tried alien workshop and they are decent but don't beat girl. Plus my girl board so far has lasted me 4 years of street skating about every single day and I always skate big rails down big stairs so get you a girl skateboard!

Best board ever! Girl and chocolate are 20 years old so they know their stuff. They also own royal trucks and lakai shoes witch are awesome. But their wheels aren't that good get dark star wheels they are sick. And bones bearings are the best

Best boards ever if you have an element focus it right now that board will hurt you girl is better than blind cliche feathers and any other board almost baker dgk and girl are the best boards ever

How is element number 1. Girl is amazing they have a sick team and their boards have the best pop and concave. I have had a few of their boards and they are sick! I definitely recommend getting a Girl. They are beyond amazing!

These boards I would recommend to anyone looking for a great vert board this was my first custom skateboard now I'm more of a DGK fan but it's definitely a quality board that I recommend for any vert based skater

Come on guys, Girl Skateboards are way better! It is a brand with much good skaters on it, like koston, mike mo, and so on! Element skateboards are way to heavy, and girl boards have a good pop!

When I first started skating girl I was starting to get the hang of switch flips so id say they're pretty good

Girl decks are definitely the best. Awesome graphics, pop, and quality. If someone doesn't like Girl, they either have never used Girl decks, or are posers who know nothing about skateboarding.


The first board given to me was a Girl board. That's what I l learned too skate on. It never broke, and rode smooth the whole way through. Girl deserves to be the top brand.

Girl decks are the best! (trust me). I got an girl deck and I can do 3x higher ollies and kickflips that I did whith my baker deck n my chocolate deck! Buy Girl!

Girl is very good quality. They should definitely be in the top ten. I just think they should have moe concave though. Other than that, Girl has good pop, and are good for skating ledges.

Meh it really depends on the user though. I have had an element skateboard before but it broke in like a week. Girls though last me a lot longer and have epic pop! They're great!

Have owned a girl for a year and still riding it. Best pop out of all my boards and very durable. Even when they are razor tailed they still have great pop.

They are really strong and light boards. It should be considered top 3. They seem to last longer than elements and have a higher pop than other brands

Everyone I don't know why people vote for other board. People Girl board have nice pic and nice pop and I vote for this because this board ROCK!

Boards are boards as people would say, but Girl makes boards so much BETTER than any other board brands its unbelievable, They are just plain AMAZING!

Girl skateboards are amazing. Great pop, Cool graphics, and some of the greatest skaters on their team. Why would you not like these skateboards.

I've had a girl for about 2 years now and not a crack the pop is awesome and the ollie is really easy and high on this one