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181 Ocean Pacific

It should be one of them because I own one. So you don, t know anything!

182 Enimol
183 Piping Hot

Its so cool I doesn't break and stuitble for all sizes and shapes and for any age

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184 Alva

Still ride my 70's Alva classic. Simply no better ride in the world.

Just take a look of the many classic boards and wheels they offer!
Best regards :C J

185 Cartel

I own one myself and I've never noticed anything bad about it its really amazing

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186 Nocturnal

Best neighborhood shop ever! The decks r really beast and the guys that work there r really cool.

187 The 4 Skateboard Company
188 Trukfit
189 Urban Skateboards
190 Razor

The deck will break the first time you get on it... The bearings and wheels suck they won't even spin for 0.1 second and the grip tape is just black tape literally these boards aren't even fit for beginners!

Amazing, u should get it

Are u kidding this is the worst. The most stupid ever brand it should not even be named a skate brand

191 Plankie Skateboards

Plankie skateboards are cool!

192 Lib Technologies

Best board constructor. Hand made.

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193 NewSoul

This was a small skateboardbr├Ąthe brand and did decks, trucks, wheels, bearings and much more. Unfortunally it had to End in 2013 but it was still the best skateboarding brand in my opinion. Hope you agree.

194 Hudora

Brilliant board great for a first board

195 Sweet SKTBS V 1 Comment
196 ENDdustries Skateboards

ENDdustries Skateboards have high quality skateboard products. This brand only produce Deck, Trucks, Grip Tape, Tools and Bag. The retail price also reasonable. ENDdustries Skateboards is the best in product quality and the retail price. Really love it!

ENDdustries Skateboards is the great skateboard brand from Indonesia. Really proud with this brand since I'm from Indonesia too. ENDdustries Skateboards also have very nice website, never feel boring when reading the content on

197 24 Skateboards
198 Karnage
199 Hook-Ups V 1 Comment
200 WWF
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