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201 Canadian Maple

I have a canadian maple skateboard and its really have a good pop its 8ply of maple wood its really strong board and have abec 5 bearing its roll really fast and smooth

The best skateboard... Everr

202 Fishbone
203 Deca V 3 Comments
204 Dirty Ghetto Kids
205 Fracture

Best value decks ever! Last forever, cool designs and the wheels and trucks are quality.

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206 Armour

Hi I am darcy would any one be intresied to be on the team I am making the boards at the moment they might be made this year I will try to get them on the market

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207 Momentum (Australian)

I have a momentum board and it is one of the best boards you can get. I even tried snapping it. I couldn't!

Great durability, prefer them to my old element deck by miles, only a small Perth(Aus) company but have a website.(I ride the Momentum Curbside and its SWEET)

208 Emerica

They are badass nice grip and the best especial the Jerry hsu staygold promodel and Leo romero 2 promodel

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209 Channel 1

very good beginner board
or just to do stupid or wacky stuff that you don't wanna do with your good board

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210 Speed Demons

It's a really good board and it has an amazing concave, the board never snaps and I love it. each time I fall of the board I get angry, but when I see the nice pink chess design under the board it makes me happy. speed demons is the best. and I love the board. - robinokal15

Speed Demons rule! their bearings are smooth and their pops and flips great too! they lasted my friend like 7 years and hes STILL ON IT!!!

This is my first board and I love it my friend has a skateboard called airspeed and he is always trying to use my board instead of his

Best board I ever got it has so much pop and so strong, I got the spraycan speed demon so it's a also a sick graphic. I know its strong because I put it through a lot of flips and slams

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211 Etnies

Etnies are only number 42 because hey mostly specialize in shoes. There good for getting girls.

212 Pig Wheels

Amazing pop brother jealous after getting a cliche shame to him haha.

213 Foundation

Foundation boards are amazing. Great pop and quality boards. Not to mention a good team with lots of good riders I mean what about duff

How is target in front of foundation...MAD!

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214 Grind King

They re the late eighties classic inventor of the aftermarket unbreakable kingpin and the protective bearingwashers to take away moisture and dirt from the bearings

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215 Kryptonics

I have a Kryptonics board and some of the grip tape came off, also another board I had the back tail snapped, it always has abec 1 bearings and small wheels, the trucks are okay but they are mostly carbon steel.

Pro decks quality trucks and a smooth ride and skinny wells all and all its worth the money

I had one. For some reason the grip tape comes off VERY easily, that's never happened to any of my other boards. Trucks are ok, just a descent board.

I had my Kryptonics for 1 full day then I treflipped off a 3 stair and it broke in half...
worst board ever

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216 Tony Hawk Huckjam

I've had this board for two or three years and it still has a really fast ride, the only problem is my wheels but there from another board, and yes it is still my primary board, great pop, and a really good spin for 360s and pop shove-its, the only rival in my opinion is airwalk - Rottenboy22

you know there are better boards than this and people say tony hawk sucks but if he never skated some of these brands would have never been invented so this is why I worship the guy -

you know there are better boards than this tony hawk but if he never skated some of these brands would have never been invented so

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217 Win Max

Epic Board with a very good weight and a perfect size for all tricks! It has all times of amazing designs and the wheels are just perfect and they spin amazingly!

218 Fixxor
219 El Santo Skateboards
220 Red
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