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241 Chicken
242 Punked
243 Magenta

Great boards! Graphics and shapes

Good board does not break easily it is a french brand

244 Static
245 Cartel Skateboards

Sick designs, it's a French brand,
It was my first board and I love it

246 Jaseboards

Absolutely the best new skate brand on the market! Sick boards!

247 Passion Boards

I Just got a passion board and there 100% bamboo with GREAT pop, I've had mine for two years and it hasnt chipped badly. only available in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on water street.

248 D6
249 Zarape
250 Motion

The best Indonesia skateboard

251 Standard Skate Company

Best decks so much pop a small aussie brand too, run buy a rad bloke who is all down for skateboarding. Flick is so great because the board is really light yet strong.

252 Punisher Punisher The Punisher is a fictional antihero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by writer Gerry Conway and artist John Romita, Sr., with publisher Stan Lee green-lighting the name.

Their graphics are awesome, and the deck doesn't break. I like the Punisher Alien Rage the best. 7 ply.

Good boards

253 Landway


Good quality, cheap price.

Solid trucks and soft wheels!

Fits your budget.

But not a famous brand!

Smooth ride. Last for years and strong decks!

Noobest Skateboard Ever

254 Grime Official
255 MADD gear

Might be a Walmart board but I've had mine since. I was six and I'm 17 and it's still amazing.

256 Walmart

Walmart is my local skateshop. They hook me up every 2 minutes, because that's how often they snap. They are amazing though. I love walmart and I hope to ride pro for them some day. There clothes are so trendy its just a dream come true. I ride flow for them right now. They have decks with lots of concave and pop. Also, they never razor tail. The trucks grind amazing. The trucks are made of the most durable of plastics. The bearing roll so well. They are abec 1. The wheels you just can't beat. The come with flatspots so you don't have to flat spot them yourself. Great boards for only 15 bucks.

They suck, the trucks are plastic, the wheels barely roll, and a flat out just terrible. Help support your local skate shop and get a real board, like Revive or somethin'.

Please do not get a Walmart board it's the worst thing you could get. It's way better to save up to get a quality board than spend $30 for a shirt one

Really they suck they don't even have pop

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