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81 5boronyc

Thes decks are legit.

82 Firefly

Awesome boards there so smooth even on asphalt perfect 4 cruising!

Very Good Brand. My Long Skateboard is Perfect! I Love it!

It's the perfect board for beginners

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83 Dirty Birdz

Sick graphics and great wood. Their clothing is dope too, high quality fabric and fresh designs. Watch out for the Birdz!

84 Venture

I recommend Venture Superlites. They are really the best trucks they make it so much easier to kickflip and ollie [specially stairs] you should definitely get one if you wanna do flip tricks =]

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85 Tensor

Tensor trucks are literally the lightest trucks I've ever had, but I would definitely switch out the bushings. All in all amazing trucks!

Tensor truks are amazing. I have a pair blue magnizium. There sick!

I have blue tensor magnizium trucks. There ausome for grinding and have a lot of control. Definitely recomend

86 Skate Mental

Skate metal is awesome I have been riding mine for 2 years and it has amazing pop

Skate mental are sick

Screw element plan b and skate are the best I've been ride a shane o'neill board and it hasn't broken over the past year

Becouse is the shane o'neill

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87 Ice Cream

Vanilla and chocolate taste good

88 Verb

Verb is a nice skateboard it has the pope and its a good start to start with vert skating

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89 Blackout

I love the skateboard its very smooth and love how it pops and how quiet it is but it is a very heavy board so you have to go light on the trucks

I like that they keep skateboarding affordable for us, but their decks are still really good.

90 Slave

Pictures on it sexy and awesome pop and good speed its not my favorite in performance but picture is my favorite

91 Billabong

Don't know about the skateboards but the make in surfing and surf boards and clothing is AWESOME!

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92 Renner

Renner is an awesome make good for beginners and has an alright pop! The best one they have is the renner z series pro and it is only £50! This brand is great and I recommend it!

First board

93 Willy's Workshop

I'm surprised. He teaches how to make stuff outa wood. Not make skateboards. Th boards look great!

94 Premium

Bought a premium board once and in my opinion, it's fairly heavy. I used to ride lighter boards like darkstar, but when I switched to premium, I couldn't even get a decent Ollie. Then I got used to the weight and learned how to tre flip for the first time.

95 Es
96 Empyre
97 Traffic

Traffic sucks especially when I'm trying to go somewhere and I have to wait... So annoying

98 Bummer High V 1 Comment
99 Bullet

Bullets are the bomb-diggidy-bomb! Already can ollie higher, every begginer needs one!

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100 Autobahn

autobahn has the best bearings i reccomend these bearings they are the best. i can ride halfway down my road .2miles with this board

Best wheels I ever rode on, they don't ware out quick and never get slatspots, I would recommend anyone skating heavy street

Best wheels I've ever owned! Never flatspots!
They go through any type of surface Street, Pavement, Brick whatever it is Autobahn can do it!

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