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101 Shut
102 Superior

It has very good pop and nice concave and it made by 100% Canadian maple

I think these are high quality boards, hard, light and not to mention, GREAT graphics

I love this brand it has amazing pop and the shape is awesome, AND WHY IS TARGET BEFORE SUPERIOR THIS IS AN OUTRAGE, anyway superior boards flick amazing everyone get it. the only bad thing is that the splinter really easily

Why is superior all the way at the 114 spot on this list I'm skateing this deck right now but I've had it for almost 1 and a half years and it hasent got any chips in it and it hasnt broke yet I think that this deck need more love. even though I can only do a kickflip ollie shuvit and 180 and board slides and 50 50s it has not broke for 1 and a half years and I've been skateing for 3 now

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103 Roller Derby

Invented it. The very first-ever skateboard "brand" was Roller Derby.

Roller derby is so awesome

My first board is roller derby

Roller derby skateboards are amesome

104 Elo
105 1031

not a well known brand...but the strongest ive ever had and has had the longest lasting pop.

106 Shiznit

very good board just as good as birdhouse and darkstar

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107 Acme

My acme board I have had for a while the graphics are crappy and make it look cheap but in reality it is a good board I have had it for a while and it still has not chipped. It is a strong board that holds up well. In my opinion its overall rating is a 9.2.

108 Silver

Good trucks when I had mine I would grind fast

109 Polar

Can't believe it's in 116th place people need to try the board before they vote just the biggest brands in skateboarding

He graphics are so nice and he pop is pretty nice

Super good and pop high

I see a polar around a lot. I'm not actually sure if they do boards. Well I guess they may as well be in the top 30. Noice clothing

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110 Grizzly

Grizzly is the best I ride one the best board and griptape ever

I love grizzly grip it is the best grip tape ever millions of cool designs and there's pro skaters in the team like nick tucker Chris Cole Sean malto carlos ribero and Shane o neil and a lot more pros thank god and Torrey pudwill for grizzly and I love a bunch of favorite designs

Grizzly is the best and boss.I land my first ollie using its griptape and now I've land varial kickflip and still using the same griptape.why it is down?

111 Ignio
112 Osprey

Nice quality boards, definitely worth owning. Quality designs. Something you can start out with, as well as when you're a longtime skater

Ospreys are the best and they have amazing pop and they go pro and they are the best board you can get with awesome graphics

113 Rekon

Best brand at a great price. Worth the money.

114 Positiv

I can't BELIEVE THAT THIS BOARD isn't UP THERE! It is one of the most amazing boards right now. I got it as my first board and I have had it for over 10 years and it still supports me and doesn't break. IT SHOULD BE #1 INSTEAD OF ELEMENT!

Positiv is a great board with pop speed and durability so buy this board is cheap too. If your a company please sponsor me please I can you my tricks I better a street skating

I have one, it's great for flips and riding and it's tons of fun

Best board good team good pop durability and cheap

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115 10 Tony Hawk

He's the best of the best.

116 Palace

Palace skateboards are literally indestructible. I've had them for a bit over a year and no cracks or anything! Definitely buy this deck!

Best board look better than any other have amazing pop and are just great in general

Sick have one and brilliant style

Style and great build!

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117 Dregs

Are you kidding me they are most comfortable

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119 KFD

KFD is South African productions but kfd really are good decs

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120 Golden Dragon

This has an insane pop. It is really good at turning and it is fast. I got my board 1 week ago and I was able to do a kickflip, an ollie, a nollie, and a heelflip.

I love golden dragon. It has insane turning and an amazing pop. I got one 1 week ago and on the first day I was able to do a kickflip, heelflip, ollie, and a nollie

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