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141 Neff V 1 Comment
142 Organika

I had a dark star but I broke it, now I have an organika and is much better for do the tricks that I want

143 Halle
144 Ark
145 Warp
146 Street Vision

These sucks bad! For 60bucks you get a board that can't turn and has the worst pop ever and pretty bad graphics. When you ollie on it it feels like its made out of titanium or something. I'd suggest getting speed demons or a blank deck from west49 instead for around 40bucks.

Street vision has the best boards they are good for dropping in and rolling in my first-ever drop in was a success on this board

147 Z Flex

Zflex are the best and never snap I've always ridden a zflex I recommend a street rocket.

V 2 Comments
149 Blueprint
150 Gap

I'm with this guy on the gap stuff

V 1 Comment
151 Jury Skateboards

I tried these new boards once I met the owner of the brand. He's a skater himself who bulk ordered awesome boards for cheap. Hope he goes global. Try Jury they are awesome.

This is my favourite board so far. Lightweight with good concave and awesome pop. Check em out!

152 RCO V 1 Comment
153 Dogtown

Dogtown is the best brand I have been skateboarding with everybody and I always ride my dogtown board I have never snapped one it is the best of the best

154 Shaun White Skateboards

I have a shaun white skateboard and it pops like a pro skateboard, it has smooth white trucks that is great for grinding and the wheels are custom made wheels with abec 7 bearings.

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155 Cruiser
156 Active

Love this brand, designs are so neat and I would recommend getting items from this brand.

Why is this so low on the ranks? Anyways, amazing company and workers are so nice.

Their brand is one of the greatest in my opinion, they are also skater-owned.


157 Maple

I think it's a great board it's my first board and I've been skating for a good amount of time. The only flaw is the trucks came as plastic ones so I got metal ones and replaced them.

Best board ever it's also my first board and I've had it for a good amount of time!

Junk did one line with it and cracked the deck around the rear truck

(DreadXBoard)...The best skateboard in the world!

V 3 Comments
158 Raw

It's good for cruising. Not recommended for tricks.

159 Seven
160 Carver

Surfboard with wheels! The ankle rehabilitation board, get on and heal. MUCH THANKS CARVER

Great concept. Feels like surfing. Great workout for the legs and core, without going to the gym.

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