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161 Lekker Boards
162 Avigo V 2 Comments
163 Mambo

I hate this board its from kmart and it doesn't even have curves its trash

V 3 Comments
164 Scram Redline
165 Uber
166 Velocity

I recently got a velocity board and it's so awesome! Its smooth and the quality is amazing!

A cool board for cruising on... Smooth and steady. Great turning abilities. Best quality longboard. Bought in the U.S.A.

167 Smoothstar V 1 Comment
168 Sattelite
169 H Street
170 Formation Skateboards

pretty good team have amazing art designs and great pop - ballaboi17

171 Star

Great board love the graphics! Its a very durable board and its very light. This board is great for intermediates.

172 Vine
173 K5
174 Osiris

They make really cool and good standard shoes I own a pair and I love them they're awesome and unique.

175 Wild Channel
176 Last Exit
177 Familiar

This board is good for skateboarders who have been skateboarding for a long time and I think it's the coolest ever! 1

178 Dumb Skateboards V 1 Comment
179 Shake Junt

They're grip tape feels good

V 2 Comments
180 ABEC 9

I skate their bearing and to take the dust covers of they always get really mangled

V 2 Comments
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