Plan B


Plan b are the best skateboarding brand ever my mate has one and he is nearly sponsored he is a very very good skateboarder and he has had his skateboard for about 4 years and it hasn't broke so I think plan b are the best

I've never had a deck like the one plan be makes. The quality is fantastic and it had pop like no other. I'm not going to bash on other decks, but if you want a board that in my opinion is one of a kind then plan b is the one.

I'm glad plane be mad the top three, but it should of been the top one.

plan be is sexy, it has amazing pop awesome concave and its stronge especcially the prolite thats what I have its amazing I could buy it over and over again. I have no idea why element is first and zeros second thats just bull if you ask me plan be would show those boards up any day - planb$kata

plan be is awesome I've had it for 3 months it has great pop I've been skating for 6 months I got a plan be for christmas and I learned how to do a bigflip thats how good plan bs are you have to get a high ollie to bigflip and look at that I got a high ollie because of a plan b. p-rod and torey pudwill are the best!

Plan b has great pop great for street. When I buy my plan b skateboards I get plan b deck, wheels, thunder trucks, rush bearing. Plan b skateboards last a long time I have had great times with my planb skateboard. I had a element with it trucks it was so heavy and it lasted 3 weeks i did most vert no grinding and no stairs and it snapped going down a ramp.

Plan B makes the best decks ever! They are very sturdy, and don't break or snap, no matter how badly you land on them. I should know, considering all the stunts that I attempt and fail. Also, they have the best powerhouse team in history!

Plan B in my opinion is the best skateboarding brand going. I mean they have amazing pop, their durable and they look so good. What really sold me to them is their amazing team, Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Sheckler, Torey Pudwill, Danny Way, PJ Ladd and so on. And I'm so glad I my first deck is a Plan B, it's lasted me months and it still has the amazing pop it had since day one. I recommend it to anyone.

I just bought a plan b board and I swear it is the best board ever, I landed all my tricks in the first try, it's amazing and also has a great pop everyone should buy this and it should be ranked number one instead of two, and plan b clearly has some of the best skaters of all time. People need to stop saying that this brand is bad because it is clearly the best ay

Their boards are beastly and pop like popcorn. It's great for avid skaters that like to trick. Their label of clothing is the best I think their jeans are great for skating and the clothing is very loose and perfect for skating.

Plan B is the best deck Because There are a lot of Pros here, known ones not hidden pros. It has a lasting pop, great concave, the design is awesome, pros are awesome.. and lasts long. Way better than Element, Zero, almost. ETC. nice

Plan b rocks it lasted a long time and the board quality is super good. It doesn't chip and doesn't lose pop or razor tail fast just got a element and its good but the nose and tail are a little round

I have a Plan B deck and it has the best pop compared to element and zero mixed together, and Plan B has amazing graphics and best pro's on the team and the last thing is that the team is a real team and the can kick serious ass if they were in a compition and the would always have the best wheels and there just perfect. The material is so great it never breaks, its a very hard material witch is good and the have pretty good trucks.!

plan be has best pop! and durable element suks that should me last zero should be 2nd!

Plan b is way better than element and has much better pop. It has the best pro sk8ing team in the world and should be number 1 its great for tricks too and it has great durability and has the best style. Oh and did I mention ELEMENTS SUCK and they don't last that long so buyplanb! GO PLAN B!

Dude, screw every other brand! Plan B rocks! especially with the god ryan sheckler backin the boards up. I got my self one of the Plan B ryan sheckler boards and it works me wonders, great graffics 2!

plan be is the best board ever it have amazing durability and the best pop
also it is the only brand that have a dream team. p rod ryan, pudwill, danny, it is also the one that have the best logo.

they some of the best skateboarders ever! its way better than element! element doesn't doesn't even last for a week element should be third

I really recommend plan. seeing how I couldn't barely land a kickflip on lots of other boards. (im new) but this is how I got started to do flip tricks. plan be really owns you should get one now! the are light too =D

Elements chip way too much and weigh a lot unless you get the healem and I got my plan b for about 1/2 a year and its awesome! I got 1 of the lights one its like pro light but its way better than my element I think element should be 4th

plan be skateboards = epic
plan be decks and wheels are the best
ollies are really high and flip tricks spin fast enough to land
the wheels give loads of speed
star star star star star

Plan B P2 all the way snapped my habitat board in 5 days got this a year ago still skatin it hard!

I just watched the video for this about some dudes that traveled to Seattle and other parts and had skateboarding contests with the top 3 skateboarders. This company must have a lot of very good skateboarders since they were so good in the video, I want to be able to do that. And these cost about $50, not too expensive, and they have some nice graphics too. I would totally get this, does anyone know in what store to get them in? Zumiez? Walmart? Vans? - AnimeDrawer

Plan be is overall awesome, it has great pop, great design (i have the video deck myself), and are strong and light at the same time. They rock! - ifajig1

Better pop than any other board and a lot of pro skaters go plan b for their boards and wheels especially! This is the best skateboard brand to purchase! Way better style than any other board! Has the best durability and will last for a long long period of time!

Great pros are sponsored by this company and there pro decks do have great pop.
My friend was popping low ollies on his almost, but now is popping moderate ollies. - violentduckz