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1 Plan B

Plan B has the best pop ever, and also the best features: prolite, pro2, more pop thinner, lighter and stronger.

There sick got mine 3 years ago its still going strong

I hav dany ways 5 star deck


2 Girl

I would recommend a girls board because it has a lot of pop and they are pretty strong you won't regret getting one

Modern skating wouldn't be the same without girl and chocolate

My girl board is awesome is has tons of pop and I think they are the best they're really strong and durable, and practically waterproof

I love this skateboard it has super pop and lasts forever

3 Baker

There great decks with great amount of pop but I will admit that that they are not so durable. If you snap boards a lot then don't get it but barely snap decks, like me than I recommend it. Overall it's a good board

Baker boards have great pop and have sweet designs. The boards are also extremely durable.

BAkers are The BOMB the have a great concave amazing pop and are so durable I'm actually trying to crak it but it wont I love Baker should be number 1

Bakers are great, good pop, strong, mellow concave and sick graphics

4 Zero

Zero is the best skateboard I ever had its so light and durable and has much more pop den all the other skateboards I have ever rided which are plan b element enjoi baker creature and girl

I have zero I've tried litterelly all the big brands and zero is the best

Zero's are the best, best pop, best spin, best everything, nothing better than Zero

Great pop and great concave

5 Almost

Super strong, especially Double Impact, lasted like 7 months. also has amazing pop and good concave.

Good pop and spin but you need to get used to the unusual board feel with there high tech boards

Amazing pop, very durable, high tech board!

The almost boards are great great pop and great to do tricks on

6 Alien Workshop

alien workshop is the beat because they don't break easy, they have good pop, there not very heavy, they have sick designs, rob dyrdek is sponsored by them along with steve berra, and they are very durable! thats why alien work shop is the best skate brand around. also they have the orignal 8 layer boards which is awesome.

Alien workshop is the best they have great pop last forever they sponsored rob derdeck there decks look awesome and just are awesome do I need to I need to say any more really oh ya got mine 2 days ago and it is awesome so get alien workshop! You won't regret it they are amazing

Alien workshop is the best because they have good pop are very durable and look cool so ya

They are bad to the bone

7 Element

My first board evr broke it on a boneless but I learned so much tricks with it

Elements have awesome skate team too and my friend wants one as well as me

Great pop, spin and don't snap easy on hard lands! Had mine a long tine...

I got my second element and let me tell you it to me should be number2 because it has an Kiff pop and the trucks are light as well as the sick grip #disappointed in the list

8 Cliche

This brand is underrated like chocolate and habitat great brands

Cliche decks are just plain awesome

Cliche is the best

Respect this hidden gem

9 Deathwish

Practically same as baker, just a little more pop

Best pop awesome deck

10 Creature

Creature, hands down best deck company around. Sick team, hella rad graphics, amazing pop, and really good durability. Creature us definitely worth a shot if you think about trying out a new deck.

Great durability. Great Graphics. Great Company

What they should be higher

The Contenders

11 FLip

Awesome board for beginners, not sure about durability though

12 Enjoi

good pop and nice concave and who doesn't love the panda

good pop and spin break easy sometimes good skaters get them

I had an enjoi deck and it lasted me four years enjoi is the best...

There simply the best.

13 Blind

I've rode blind for at least ten yes now. Only a Powell peralta has more class for that thrash

Just got my new board in Vegas and I can't wait to go back from vacation to try this board out with my ventures

decent pop and spin and my ese has one jp

Blind lasted 1 year with me

14 DGK

I love this team it reminds me of my life those who come from nothing. The boards are outstanding they have crazy pop and amazing concave if you want pop go for DGK!

Dgk decks are the best they don't snap easily and the team has the best skaters all around world dgk is the best


15 Mystery

Mystery Smith deck is the way to go

I love this board it's very good

16 ATM

I love my atm board, great price at $25 has loads of pop, very hard to hurt the board it has flown into many a curb and hasn't gotten more than a scrape. Kick ass board for the value, plan b is still life though

Atm is so good because they have awesome pop and I have had one for 2 years and I have been doing some serous stuff not just board slides I have been skate belco monster woodward gromtown.

17 Primitive

Beast boards have good quality and they sponsored p-rod and nick tucker


Shane O'Neill is like ok, he ca kick flip, P-Rod can just about ollie, Nick Tucker can manual for like 1 second, Bastien Salabanzi can kick turn on flat, and I didn't even know that Diego Najera could stand on a skateboard everyone on that team probably just got sponsored because they felt sorry for them. Naaahh just kidding primitives team is insane! (haven't tried their decks, yet)

18 Darkstar

Nice beginner board but don't buy a complete board because the wheels, trucks and bearings are terrible the board is strong but kind of heavy

Very good pop. Don't get complete though. Darkstar decks are my fave. Just ordered my next one

Awesome deck great pop and cool graphic, strong buy darkstar

I have one of these there super durable.

19 Superior

One of the best love them

20 Habitat

Very nice pop, concave is great, feels really nice under my feet. Otherwise, its pretty much like all of the other major brands out there.

don't know much about but last long bt have nice pop and concave

Mean Boards Have Heaps of pop and are light


A every underrated brand and a good brand love the habitat boards

21 Foundation

Great pop and landed my first heelflip

22 Pretty Sweet

Pretty sweet isn't a brand it's the girl logo

23 Toy Machine

These boards have the most pop out of the boards I skated so far but crack kinda easy

High pop, light weight... Nice deck

24 Powell

Element and Powell are very good decks

25 Santa Cruz

I LOVE Santa cruz! Very strong and lots of pop. They have the highest performance and best graphics. Their simpsons line is very cute, and their long boars/cruzer selection is superb

Santa Cruz has great pop very nice board

sana cruz boards are great

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