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Was the 900 the revolution of skating or was the darkslide the greatest trick of all time.

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1 Darkslide

One of the coolest street tricks. No one does these so they must be really hard. Pro's don't have to care about messing up decks but they still don't do them. Ever seen one in comp?

greatest trick of all time so hard to do and i think the 900 got played when Shaun White attempted the 1080 which was amazing when attempting - ballaboi17

love it even though I'm a girl - irocyaworld

It is hard to flip the board like you wont to an your gripp tape get

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2 Impossible

I don't know why this is even on the top ten I can do them there just 360 shuvs that wrap around your ankle

Its awesome and only few pro's can land it like P Rod and Benny Fairfax

I can do an impossible and I'm skateing for 1 yr this trick rules baby m/

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3 Kickflip Backside Tailslide

It's a combo of a backside flip during the whole slide so it's the best

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4 Wallride

Just something about it, you're riding on a wall!

This is the best trick your riding on a wall

The best better than darkside

They just look so nice

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5 Rocket Air

So cool holy damn

They also look cool in the video games

6 Tre Flip aka 360 flip

My favorite trick to do of all time. I hit these everywhere I skate and it always feels great when you hit a nice one and see it catch clean under your feet.

this is the greatest street trick hands down.
also screw the 900! vert sux! darkslide is number 2.

it is just simply an awesome looking trick and doesn't require killing your self trying - ctssk8ter

Best feeling to land this trick

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7 Hippy Jump

Pretty fun to try

It's a nice trick but dangerous

8 Nose slide

This is a awesome trick

9 The 900

Tony hawk is a legend skate on TONY

Tony hawk is awesome skateboarder

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10 Boardslide

I can board slide, it one of the first slides/ grinds that skaters learn. Its easy but looks cool. You don't really have to balance left and right but you have to balance so you don't fall forward or slip out backwards.

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11 Laser Flip

Took me a while to learn this trick but it feels amazing to land and looks really cool

I always thought this trick was hard to land

I think that the laser flip is awesome

Its just GREAT

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12 Bull Flip (Nollie 720 Gazelle Nerdflip)

This trick is insane. Just go on you tube and watch videos of it being done.

dude look this up on youtube and youll no what I'm talking about!

This is an amazing trick, it is that crazy

dude this tricks is moving UP the list !! - shosho

13 Ollie

Without it, we wouldn't have all the cool tricks we have now - dextah

well, I can't do anything else. still a beginner :( - yusuf25

yes the beginning of all tricks like n ya kno dat! - ballaboi17

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14 Twisted Flip

Yea that's by far the hardest trick to do

This trick is really hard

15 Pressure Flip V 4 Comments
16 Kickflip

Feels good to land

Helps you to learn other flip tricks expect for heelfilp tricks

17 Fakie to Switch 5-0 grind V 1 Comment
18 Ghetto Bird

Rad anything with a hard flip looks amazing

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19 Superdude

SUPER MANN it's a boss grab trick

That name is from skate 2 but a cool trick

20 Hardflip

It's not even a kickflip and a fs shove. It's a unique trick of its own kind.

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