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61 Under My Skin

What! This song doesn't even has any likes or comments! Hasn't anyone heard this song?

62 Your Love (Keeps Me Alive)

Oh man, really such a low rank for such an awesome song. Please vote!

I just love it...

63 Earth Invasion

I can't believe this isn't top 5. Probably my favorite song to play along to on the drums!

64 I Can

The first Skillet song ever.

65 One Real Thing
66 Heaven in My Veins
67 Come Onto the Future

Great Song! My favorite from the Invincible album

68 I Trust You

God Music, I think John sang it when he was young or something. Hear the song, then say Amen!

69 The One
70 Watching for Comets

Greatest ballad they ever made, love this Song.

Simply awesome...! Heard every song of their latest album 'unleashed'-2016.They're just fab!

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71 Lions
72 Come My Way
73 Hey You, I Love Your Soul
74 Never Quit
75 Rippin' Me Off
76 Will You Be There (Falling Down)
77 Always the Same
78 Cycle Down
79 The Fire Breathes
80 Each Other
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