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101 Locked in a Cage
102 Deeper
103 My Beautiful Robe
104 Paint
105 You're Powerful

This song (no pun intended) is really powerful. It's one of the heaviest songs on Invincible and I think it should be a little higher than 75. Maybe 35. - amcskillet

106 More Faithful
107 Everything Goes Black

Not there best, but it should be ranked higher. It should at least be in the top ten. Vote for this! - Alpha101

Although I think Everything Goes Black should be moved to at least the top 20, this is a pretty solid list - Meta

Even sadder than Jennifer Lopez' "Feel The Light".

I think this should be num3.I vote for this and wanna hear it at skillet concerts...

108 I Want to Live

It has the taste like comatose & awake and alive, great song!

Reminds me of their "Awake" album;Amazing song!


This is another best song of skillet... Sounds like rebirthing/awake and alive...
Just awesome...
10 out of 10

109 Madness in Me

How is this not higher? Such an underrated song. He sings with such a passion. My personal favorite on the Rise album.

Definitely the most out of place on this list... One of the best Rise songs and on of the best all-time Skillet songs. Also, it's John Cooper's favorite Rise song, yet it has 0% of the votes!

Seriously this should be #1. It's my favourite song ever

What?! Why is this song not higher in the list? Love it so much! The chorus gives me a great emotional feeling! Poweful and epic song? Vote for it!

110 Yours to Hold

If someone just listens ONCE to the live version of this that they perform these days... They'll know HOW AWESOME this song sounds... Especially with jen's vocals... Its MAGICAL!

This song is so beautiful! I cried the first time I heard it... Surely it should be higher on the list than measly 27...

A rare treasure for Skillet. Albeit it's a rock ballad that has specific audiences, it still has skillet's signature hard rock background. Favorite song of all time

This song is so incredible.
how is it this 'low'

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111 Believe

This is one of their songs that nobody has really listend to very much but it is really one of the best

So underrated! This song made me cry.. I love it! One of their best songs...

Should be in the top ten definitely

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112 Gasoline

Not Skillet's best song, but definitely not the worst; it's my favorite from their self-titled album.

Their self titled isn't successful but this song is definitely worth hearing at least once. - LightningBlade

113 Say Goodbye

The best song ever please listen to it am sure that it will take your heart away please listen to it every one

This song deserves to be in top ten... Please listen it once, you are going to love it

Awesomeness... Super lyrics and cool music
I don't know how I came across this song but it touched my heart so much...
I listen to it everyday and never get bored

Skillet Rocks...

Well 7th grade of school just ended today. Class 7 forever<3 was 1 of the best years in school (i don't hate school, in oir country people love their school so much, they r like a family, we cn literally live in school forever) looking forward 2 next year. Sections will b jumbled up again and maybe at 1st I wnt like my section, but when a year ends your so attatched 2 all the people that it's hard 2 let go such beautiful times. I didn't want 2 hear that "goodbye". Altho I should b happy exams ended, I feel kinda sad-ish. But it's just that nostalgia feeling. My friends are in the same mood as me. Well it's a natural feeling. Class seven was ALL ABOUT GROWING UP. Well if I say we learnt abt reproduction in bio then yea :P I love my batch. and best year wit them--2013-14 (class7). I should b commenting abt the song. But I cnt help it. "Say Goodbye" is so prtty. I love the acoustic version more<3 I. AM. IN. LOVE. WITH. THIS. SONG.

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