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21 StriVectin Wrinkle Cream

First developed as a stretch mark cream, once people figured out how well it worked on wrinkles, it became the most popular thing on the market by those in the know.

I received a sample in a gift with purchase bag. I have used it for one week and will be picking up a large tube. Love it. Moisturizes my face and it makes my face look bright and healthy right away.

Not only did I notice a big difference in under eye puffiness and the fine lines around my eyes, but many of my friends made comments too. I�ve revealed my secret and feel it is definitely worth the price.

I would also like to mention, this is a large tube of cream. It is very deceiving. You are definitely getting your money worth here ladies.

Use the neck cream, awesome.

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22 Lancome Paris

Brilliant on my dry sensitive skin, no breakouts and visibly clean soft skin. Happy days!

Best ever!

Love it but getting my budget. They are going to price our the 60+ group when we retire. So sad

23 Hylexin Eye Cream

I am 62 and have had dark circles under my eyes since I was born. I have been using Hylexin for about half a year and the dark circles have pretty much disappeared. The change was slow, but the wait was completely worth it. For me, one tube lasted about 6 months.

If I wake up with puffy eyes, I put a dab on, and they clear up in about a half an hour. Not only does it help with puffy eyes, it also adds an illuminating effect which I like and makes me feel younger!

The ultimate formula for reducing the appearance of serious dark circles. Hylexin takes care of my difficult to address dark circles so I look younger and healthier.

I was pretty hesitant to try it out, since, woah... $95 is a lot of money. But I gave it a shot and used it exactly as instructed.

I was actually pretty discouraged at first because I didn�t see a change, but then suddenly, in the third week of using Hylexin, I woke up and my circles were so much noticeably lighter I could cry.

24 Aubrey Organics Natural Herbal Facial Cleanser
25 Luxiva Wrinkle Smoother
26 Visage Skin Care
27 Nerium AD Age Defying Treatment

The proof is in my before and after pictures. I could not wear any lip products (lip gloss lipstick, lip liner etc) due to the colour bleeding into my upper lip... and now Nerium is totally plant based with no water added... I shudder now when I read labels on other products. For me it is Nerium Optimera ALL THE WAY... two steps -- one in the morning as 'day cream', the other at nite as 'night cream'... and the product is gender friendly!

We get our product FREE thanks to Nerium's multi-choice purchasing opportunities!

The best way to test how good these products work is to take some "before" pictures! Use them as directed- faithfully. Take more pictures after 1 month, again at 2 months, again at 3 months and so on...

Put those before and after photos side by side and compare. Your pictures won't lie to you!

My wife sells this product and I use it occasionally, the night cream is awesome. I don't see as much difference in my face as I have on my neck, I have worked outside for 40 years and have golfers neck per say and it really does work

This product has made an amazing difference in my skins even tone, smaller pores, and eliminating the progression of aging over the last 5 years. In the morning the only step is to rinse from what you had applied the night before, and add neriums daily moisturizer! Amazing product!

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28 Enfuselle by Shaklee

I've been using Enfuselle skin care range for normal to oily skin. Reducing my oily face, feeling moist & love triple patented formulated by Shaklee. Enfuselle really works for me much better than my previous skin care.

I love Shaklee enfuselle skin care too. Especially Hydrating Lotion Cleanser. I've been use it almost 4 month. My skin feel soft and moist. I like it.

29 KIKO Cleansing Pure Gel
30 St. Dalfour Beauty Cream
31 Forte Super Serum - Orabella Skinlabs

This is truly a remarkable product -- My skin looks great from the moment I wake up in the morning 'til I lay down at night. I have lost ten years of aging and have only been using this product for 30 days. I cannot wait to tell you the results after 6 months because I know it's going to be amazing...

Love what it does for my skin. I look younger and my complexion is great. I have tried many anti-wrinkle serums but this is the only one that has worked for me.

You may experience dramatic results within the first week of using Forte Super Serum, however, this will vary with each individual.
Please use your 30ml bottle over the four weeks for best results.

I have been using Orabella everyday for 6 months, my skin feels great, been
told that I look really hot. So I reckon go girl go ORABELLA

32 Firmax-3
33 Melaleuca Sei Bella
34 Lakmé Sun Expert

Just awesome. So helpful for skin darkening and sun burn. I am 13 and have no reaction at all.

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35 Rejuvity by Isagenix

I just started using these products in the past 2 months! I can not believe the improvements in my skin -

Awesome products, use them daily..

I love this product! It works along with the real food (Isagenix shakes and such) that I'm taking! My friend told me she could tell a diffence in the way my skin looked... She said my skin looked amazing!

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36 Mary Kay Timewise Repair Volu-Firm Set

Wish it came in gallon size! Lifts skin removes signs of aging!

I love this product. Great for my 50yr plus skin. I'm amazed it's not in the upper top 10.

This line let’s me feel comfortable & user friendly ♡(^ε^ )♡

37 Ageless by SkinnyBodyCare
38 100 Percent Pure
39 Zija Gen M Skincare
40 LimeLight by Alcone

Incredible Skincare Incredible Results!

As an aesthetician since 1989 and a spa owner, I am incredibly impressed with the results that are my clients are coming back to me with.
They are getting results beyond what I expected when they use the products as directed and they are so excited about LimeLight by Alcone.

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