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41 LimeLight by Alcone

Incredible Skincare Incredible Results!

As an aesthetician since 1989 and a spa owner, I am incredibly impressed with the results that are my clients are coming back to me with.
They are getting results beyond what I expected when they use the products as directed and they are so excited about LimeLight by Alcone.

42 Comfort Zone Tranquility
43 Marly Skin Guard

The best skin protection in the world!
Helps clear eczema... Diaper rash... Contact dermatitis... AND IT WORKS!

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44 Decleor Aromessence

The product is so perfect for my skin. It nourish my skin and make it smoother, softer and glowing with radiance! The perfect product I've ever used in my life. I w

45 Grace Aloe Based Skin Care

Have used these products for over 30 years. Next birthday is 80 years and have been told I don't look older than 60 Grace products are based in Organic, active Aloe vera. NOT WATER

46 Sparkling Skin Care

Best one! Ever... Thank you sparklingskincare

47 Skinn Cosmetics

I started to use Skinn chin up. At first there was no noticeable difference. After a few weeks I noticed that my neck was getting firmer and looked tighter. I got busy and forgot to do it for several weeks. I noticed the old neck was returning. I immediately started to use the product again and it worked. I use all of the Skinn products now.

I have been using a lot of his skin care line and I love it, I have tried so many over the years. I started using this line and can say I have really noticed the difference. People have always ask me what kind of products I use now I get more people asking, my older sister even ask me what I was using. She never pays any attention she uses the same thing she used 30 yrs. ago, I was shocked when she ask me. So it must be working. also his makeup is good. use the foundation, powder etc..

These products should be number 1! Demetri James' line of skin care and makeup do everything and more than promised. Been using these products for a couple of years now and will not use anything else.

48 Luminesce

The best products I have ever used the serum it self heels your skin. If you use it ones you will not want any other product.

Adult stem cell technology actually changes your skin. I no longer need make up!

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49 USANA Sense Gentle Daily Cleanser

This product is amasing

50 Max Visible Solitions

Anti-aging expertise look as young and good as you feel. Our One Minute Wonder gentle exfoliates dull, dead skin and debris without grains or abrasives to uncover silky smooth skin. The Yourh Recovery Serum firms and smooths your face and neck area giving you a youthful and revitalized look. Our face creams and eye rescue round off this dynamic set. The Skin Brightening Mousse brightens the appearance of skin and helps diminish the appearance of enlarged pours and uneven skin tone. Replenishing Cream for the night deeply moisturizers your skin and diminishes visible lines and wrinkles. The Eye Rescue hydrates the under-eye area and addresses the appearance of fine lines and dark circles it can also be applied to lips to keep them soft and smooth.

51 Bottega Verde Skin Care
52 Raw Gaia Organic Skincare
53 Eglantine Whitening Skin Care

Made of natural plants extract to fight dull skin, pigmentation, sun spots, acne, reduces acne scarring, rebuilds cells, thus makes the skin healthy, radiant and desirable. Made in Malaysia to suit our skin according to our climate.

Used it and saw the results within 2 days. Now I have clear and younger looking skin. Thanks

54 Tropic Abc Skin Kit

Years of using premium brand cosmetic left my skin dry and flaky, since I discovered Tropic its never been so good, suits all skin types I even use on my daughters Eczema its way better than all those chemicals they keep dishing out. Just natural products and they are natural, unlike a lot of over the counter products that say the are!

This has totally changed my skin for the better. Best products I've ever tried

100% natural, hand made products. Vegan friendly, cruelty free, no harsh preservatives or chemicals, and affordable.

55 Forever Living Sonya Moisturizers

Lovely rich cream that's sinks right into the skin.

Love this cream goes right down into the layer of the skin

56 Nutriwhite from Shaklee

It just amazing! My skin feel healthy, smmoth ever!

57 Le'Angelle Skin Therapy

I could instantly feel the cooling sensation of the lavender water- and I have excessive dry skin, the moisturizer had my skin looking and feeling AMAZING! The protective barrier kept me from drying out and my skin is now glowing!

58 Bioderma H2o Micellar Water
59 Mary Kay Timewise Age-Fighting Moisturizer
60 Nerium Optimera

Excellent day and night creams. Does everything it says it does.

Good quality good cosmetic good products

Love this product an not believe the difference in feel and looks in less than a week. So excited to see 30 day results

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