Rodan + Fields Skin Care Products


After decades of sun burns to my very fair skin, by the time I was in my early 40's my face was covered in freckles, dark patches, lines, wrinkles, and monthly breakouts. I've tried many products that claimed to "fade" age spots and discoloration, reverse aging, erase wrinkles, etc. but I never saw results other than feeling that my skin was softer. Rodan + Fields products do what they claim. My favorites - Reverse Regimen with the AMP IT UP Roller, and I've used the Accelerator Pack for the more stubborn spots. I also use the Redefine Regimen, eye cream, lip serum, body cream, microdermabrasion paste, and foaming sunless tanner. I've never been a believer until I tried these products and they are amazing!

I used the same skincare since I was 18, and was a consultant for them, for the last 4 years. I wouldn't even try another skincare because I didn't want to like it! My friends results from the reverse and redefine were incredible and I had to check it out, I am on week 4, of redefine and unblemish plus the multi function eye cream! My skin is amazing and the amp roller is A whole new ball game for skin! Next I am doing the reverse, my son even uses the soothe regimen on his eczema! Beyond happy! No dermatologist appointments for us!

Tried everything to lighten my darks marks/sun damaged skin, nothing worked until I found Rodan+ Fields Reverse Regimen! Love people thinking that I am the youngest in my family, when I am the oldest of 3, all in our 40's, thanks to the Redefine Multi-function eye cream and eye make-up removing cloths.

I have been using RODAN+FIELDS Reverse regimen for 5 weeks and my brown spots are disappearing and my skin is brighter with a healthy glow...I absolutely love this product. I get compliments on my complexion at least 2-3 times a week which is very exciting. I just received my lash boost and I am excited about trying it.

I love the Rodan and Fields Skin Care Products. I have very sensitive skin and this is the first product line that I have found that I have been able to use with not reaction and it makes my skin feel like silk. I will never use any other product.

I have never been excited about a skincare product! I have literally tried everything and poured so much money into treating my acne. It was a waste... Since I found Rodan + Fields, my skin has changed dramatically! I will never use anything else!

I first tried the reverse set for my brown spots and for the first time ever, I had something that erased them! The wash smells so good too - its like and aromatherapy treatment! My husband now uses their Soothe set for his sensitive skin and he's a believer too!

I love Rodan+Fields! It has helped my skin in so many ways. I've tried prescription and everything in between and this cleared up my acne better then anything else and has made me more confident and now I can wear less makeup!

Amazing Regimens by the Doctors used in the right order. The before and after pictures that I have seen show amazing results. Can't wait to try these products when they come to Canada in February 2015.

I have been using the Reverse for a month and I am loving it, my skin has been so dry and the appearance of freckles more and more. My complexion is brighter and my skin feels so smooth. LOVE IT!

After using the products for only one month I can actually SEE results! My age spots have lightened, no under eye circles or bags, and my fine lines are disappearing. Highly recommend this skin care Regimen!

I've used the reverse and redefine regimens and have seen an incredible change in the appearance and texture of my skin. My husband has used the regimens as well along with the Amp MD roller and has been amazed with his results too. One of the most amazing changes has been the appearances of scars being diminished, which has been life changing!

Love their products, The cream is not heavy like most, it feels like silk on my face and after 2 weeks I have noticed a difference in the circles under my eyes and my complexion.

These products are wonderful! I'm so happy they are available to the consumer market. I've eliminated my acne, sun damage and am now maintaining a wrinkle-free face. I love the focus each regimen has.

Excellent products for all skin types. It has reversed my damaged skin and I look 10 years younger. can't wait for the 'fill a wrinkle while you sleep' product to come to Canada.

Rodan + Fields has completely changed my skin and my life. I am not longer embarrassed to leave the house and for the first time in my LIFE I am getting complements on my skin! I LOVE Rodan + Fields.

I have used so many skin care products looking for something that changed skin and I found it in Rodan + Fields! Now I have joined the company and its more than I could ever have wanted and more!

Wow this stuff really works. I'm using the Redefine regiment but I'm also looking forward to trying reverse when summer comes to a close. 8 days in with lash boost and I already have results!

It is one of the most versatile systems on the market! They have a skin care system for any skin type and it works beautifully! No breakouts or puffiness from too much "junk" added.

I have never had such incredible, clear skin! I have used several of the other brands on this ballot and nothing works like Rodan+Fields. And it's GUARANTEED!

I am currently on the reverse & redefine regimen. I love these products makes my skin so soft & smooth dark spots disappeared. Large pores shrunk. I recommend this to everyone!

I knew I found my pot of gold the day my fingertips no longer recognized the face they were cleansing after 48 years! I started with the Reverse regimen to remove sun damage and then transitioned to Redefine. I've been able to eliminate so many "try and fail" products from my bathroom and couldn't be happier!

I have been using Reverse and I am loving the results. These are great products and can't wait to use the Redefine when I finish with reverse.

I am 60 and I noticed a difference in smoothness day 1. After a week my skin is firmer an GLOWS. I am using Redefine! Easy to use! I LOVE this product!

I love my rodan and fields I have battled skin issues for years Tried everything under the sun. Rodan and fields is spot on Or shall I say "spots off"!