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1 Chris Miles Chris Miles Christopher Miles is a fictional character in the British teen drama Skins, portrayed by Joe Dempsie.

This guy is pure awesomeness! His drug addiction and harsh past make him quite a tragic character. Still, he has nothing but love towards his friends and I've laughed my ass off several times due to the actor's comedic timing and expressions.

Just the best, and the more appealing character of Skins, with Sid, Cook and J.J.

2 Effy Stonem Effy Stonem

Effy is just so angsty, and she has such a coolness to her that I love her. The Season 4 storyline of her trying to kill herself was a bit overdone, however.

When she doesn't even speak but you can't your eyes off her when she's on screen.

3 Tony Stonem Tony Stonem

Tony is awesome.

4 James Cook James Cook

Cook and cassy are the character that really deserves a spin off series on their on! please someone make it happen!

Best character, without a doubt. Much depth.

So much depth and changes in his story.

5 Cassie Ainsworth Cassie Ainsworth Cassie Ainsworth is a fictional character in the British teen drama Skins, portrayed by Hannah Murray.

My top three in no specific order are Cassie, Cook, and Chris.

I love how calm and positive she is, at least on the outside.

She makes me laugh

She's so amazing

6 Sid Jenkins Sid Jenkins

Sid is my absolute favorite. I'd agree that Chris is the best and most interesting character on the show and I also admire Cassie but I just have to go with Sid. He's wonderful

Everyone can agree that Sid was the most relatable character and we were all rooting for him to get with Cassie the whole time.

Sid's development during series 1 was amazing. Nothing is better than seeing a character develop in a good way. I loved that

Sid should be at least number two! Not Cook and his chavvy manners!

7 JJ Jones JJ Jones
8 Anwar Kharral Anwar Kharral
9 Jal Fazer Jal Fazer
10 Maxxie Oliver Maxxie Oliver

Loyal friend. He didn't really have a flawed character from the way he was written.

He's a really sweet and down to earth guy, let's not forget his looks!

He's so likeable and sweet. And he's really hot.

What a loyal friend

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11 Thomas Tomone Thomas Tomone

He just had so much love for everybody and was always kind. He was just so glad to meet you.

12 Michelle Richardson Michelle Richardson
13 Katie Fitch Katie Fitch
14 Freddie McClair Freddie McClair

I'm sad he passed away he was my favourite Character.
My second favourite's Cook.

15 Emily Fitch Emily Fitch
16 Alo Creevey Alo Creevey
17 Rich Hardbeck Rich Hardbeck
18 Naomi Campbell Naomi Campbell
19 Mini McGuinness Mini McGuinness
20 Posh Kenneth Posh Kenneth
21 Doug Doug
22 Grace Blood Grace Blood
23 Pandora Moon Pandora Moon

How is she so low down she's amazing! In my top 3

24 Franky Fitzgerald Franky Fitzgerald

Franky is one of the most authentic characters ever written, she has originality, a hard story, past, present and future. She is complex, shy, insecure, heartbroken, creative, generous, gold heart even though sometimes she pretends she is cold and that she doesn't care about consequences. She might be best SKINS character. I swear, she has more story than Effy the 5 seasons she appeared. She suffered adoption, rape, bullying, humiliation, lost and not feeling herself. HOW IS SHE INFERIOR than other characters that are more superficial?

25 Matty Levan Matty Levan
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