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61 Take U There

i like it

That funky horn
I don't knw wht u call it but its an addiction

62 Zoology

Awesome song with knife party, should be a lot higher

Great song you all should listen to it or go to hell it should be in the top twenties at least

It's awesome! It should be in the top ten.

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63 Holding On

Superb! Superb! Superb! Skrillex rocks...

Awesome song ever made by Skrillex! I LOVE IT!

REALLY?! THIS ISN'T ANY HIGHER?! This has gotta be the best Skrillex song of all time in my opinion! The rhythm is awesome, the god damn buildup is extreme, and it's addicting!

I love this song, since I heard it on asphalt 8! This song always lifts my spirits.

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64 Red Lips

Red Lips should enter the top 10. The drop is just AMAZING! If you've not heard it, hear it NOW itself.

Red lips has a mix of soothing and just plain on awesome skrillex dubstep.

65 This Much Power (DJ Tool Untitled)

This is one of the most complex and interesting songs I've ever heard. The combination of pounding bass and synths with an incredible twinkle of melody makes this a must hear for avid fans.

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66 Burial

The drop was the BEST DROP SKRILLEX EVER MADE! How is this not #1. If you don't agree, just watch it.

I came, I saw, I conquered, I balled...

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67 Breathe

Chillest song by skrillex. The beat is amazing. My favorite skrillex song without a single doubt. This song should be at least in the the top 5

Beautiful lyrics, song flows amazingly. Best skrillex song ever. The vocals are clean and crisp, definitely top 5 song!

I listened to this song cause I'm a krewella fan... This is the first song by skrillex that I heard and I like this song so much!

Summit Mix or something, awesome song - AwesomeAndrew62

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68 The Disco Rangers Bus

Come on! It's amazing in the top 20. Guys please; we can put in the top 20.
I love it. And I am sure you're going to lovin it. The bass is amazing. AND IT'S FUNNY TO DANCE!

This song is totally amazing, why it is here... Vote! Vote! Vote!

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69 Scary Bolly Dub

Right now I'm going through skrillexs channel on youtube and found this song. The song is a mix of of his song f****** die, scary monsters and nice sprites, and Bollywood. This song is cool uploaded on his youtube channel today 1/3/13

Its absolute skrillex song with a mashup of Scary monsters & F******* die and touches of Indian tune..Classic skrillex

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70 Scream and Shout

Why so low? The guy with the bad voice in this song makes it so interesting and an enjoyment to me. This is my favorite skrillex song.

This is an amazing Skrillex song that I thought shouldn't of been left out.

It is a great song and I am listening to it right now that's how much I love it

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71 San Diego VIP (Nothing Yet)

Boom! The dj beats are like someone is playing guitar... Skrillex rocks it..

Can't believe this isn't recognised that much, when the beat drops hard... Its perfect!

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72 Lick It

Why this song isn't in the list? Are you kidding me? I mean, this is not purely made by skrillex, but we still have his touch in this song. Come on ya'll... This is not his best, but I believe this song deserves to be in top 10 at least!

This is a crazy song by SKRILLEX... You will be lovin it...

It must be on top 10

It's just awesome❤❤❤

73 Amplifier

Beauty of Skrillex can be proved through this song..

Amplifier should be in the top 20 AT LEAST!

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74 To Ü


75 True Gangsters

This song kicks ass. You haven't lived intl you have listned to this song

76 Love In Motion

All your senses will be on fire..the best funk love dubstep he has done...o

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77 Just the Way You Are (Skrillex Remix)

One of his best remixes.

78 Seventeen (Skrillex Remix)

So different of the rest

I really like this song

79 E.T.

A totally sick skrillex remix of katy perry's E.T...its over his"first of the year' and it sounds positively magnificent! " Bass drop is legendary!

This is a kick @$$ song! The voice gets even shriller for the second bass drop, and it sounds ALIEN!

Attention peoplez, this one is NOT a Skrillex song! It is actually a Noisia remix of Katy Perry's E.T.. It just sounds like a Skrillex remix because for some reason Noisia decided to combine it with First of the Year. - HalfLifeFan76

80 Sensual Senduction (Skrillex Remix)
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