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101 Ride Home

Another track on spring breakers movie

102 Try It Out (Neon Mix) V 1 Comment
103 Monster Killer

This song deserves way higher at least in the top 20's this song is one of skrillex's best, give it a listen and then vote this song way higher.

104 Killbot

This song deserves to be in the top 10s it's right up there with bangarang, this song is epic, good to listen to while playing halo or any game for that matter, this song sounds like one of those songs that decides the fate of humanity, rate this song higher please.
I am very disappointed that I had to add this amazing song to the list

105 Killbot

It makes me sad that I had to add this song to the list, this song deserves the top tens definitely, just please, give it a good listen and I'm sure you will agree with me, this song is just as good as bangarang, just trust me.

V 1 Comment
106 Eyes On Fire

This is a Zeds Dead song. But it is great.

This is a Zeds Dead song, But Skrillex remixed it

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107 Dream (5 Dime and Bootleg)

This song puts dubstep to a new level. This song features a collaboration between 5 different dubstep artists (Skrillex, kill the noise, Nero, Zeds dead, and Knife Party. This song is great. To me one of the best dubstep collaborations

108 Next Order

Skrillex is in a new acid tech band called Dog Blood and this cool song called Next Order. In this band skrillex works with an artist named boyz noise as some of you may know. Well any ways thought you guys might have liked the song.

109 Middle Finger

Hey me again Skrillex made another song as Dog Blood called middle finger when I heard the title of the song I just knew I heard I had to hear it. The song is great hope you like it.
Just throw your middle finger if you feel me love
YA b****es throw your middle finger if you feel me love

110 Dancing On My Own

THIS SONG IS AMAZING! It has a quick intro followed by a heavy drop. It also has a crazy transition from a lower pitch growl to a high pitch sound. I have no idea what the high pitched sound is. Whatever sound it is, it works perfectly.

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111 I Know Who You Are
112 Pixel Cheese (Skrillex Remix)
113 DnB Ting

Skrillex and Gong Marley do it again after Make It Bun Dem. Should definitely be in the top ten.

V 2 Comments
114 CUSP

Very old song from his very first solo album

Best song in the world

115 F**K That V 2 Comments
116 Only Getting Younger
117 Mind
118 Goin In (Skrillex Goin In Down Remix)
119 Gypsyhook
120 Pop Dance
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