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121 Don't Do Drugs Just Take Some Jack Ü
122 I Saw the Devil
123 Loud Noises

Skrillex and Feed Me

124 Park Smoke

One of three tracks he made for spring breakers.

125 Devil's Nest
126 Kai Sui

Mora in English and Kai Sui in Japanese. So listen to Mora instead of the Japanese version.

127 Vortex

Not sure if the song is from skrillex but I was looking through skrillex's songs and saw this song called vexin. But kind of doubted the fact that it was skrillex. At first I thought it was like a mix of kill the noise and skrillex. But then I thought again. But still the song is cool. And if the producer is not skrillex then still good job on the song. Thumbs up

128 Shapeshift
129 Sneaks
130 Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage? (Skrillex Remix)

Pretty good remix and was alsofeatued on his BBC essential mix 2013

131 International (Skrillex Remix)
132 Oceans
133 Because
134 Coast Is Clear
135 NRG (Skrillex Remix)

Why is this one so low!? It's not that bad.

Why is this one #119?

136 Sneak Attack
137 Baby Boy
138 Ruffneck (Flex) V 1 Comment
139 Bangarang VIP
140 Bees

Really old song by Skrillex

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