Best Skylander Giants

The Top Ten Best Skylander Giants

1 Tree Rex

A giant tree guy who has cool attacks

He can walk into the little bad guys and kill them.

Is all around good figure, best Giant!

He is such a good Giant as it's simple to kill in the Wii edition of Skylander Giants

2 Slam-Bam

That is the funny thing ever.

He has four arms, and rocks!

He is so cool I like him becuase of his ice fist and his four arms I also like his cool spike armor.

Slam bam is a lot strong for a yeti

3 Chop Chop

The only skylander I like more than Chop-Chop is Snap Shot.I like Chop-Chop's Sword,Shield,Shield Bash,and his Bone Brambles.

With his shield fully upgraded he can block any opponents attack, then you can counter with a powered up shield bash!

He has sword and shield.

When his sword is upgraded and his shield it is the strongest guy ever!

4 Double Trouble

I like his tiki voice

DoubleTrouble is the best in my opinion

Double troble is kinda strong

Double Trouble Anint a Giant

5 Thumpback

This was hard it was a choice between thumpback and treerexs

He is so epic as a fan of the series I suggest that slam bam should be replaced by thumpback with a large degree of hope. I have got the book of elements fire and water, it says that the percentage rating of slam bam is a lot Less by 33 percent.

The water guy is the most E P I C giant

Honestly he should be the strongest giant besides crusher

6 Bouncer

Bouncer is pure awesome! He can launch missiles at will. Fire 10 ricocheting balls per second. Laser eyes that can scorch anything. I also love his design. He's fast and strong, and a "button jammer". It's okay if you don't think he's great, but try him, and he'll dominate anything.

He can grow giant fists and shoot them.

He is strong to the tech lovers and not the others

Robo man with guns

7 Eye-Brawl

This guy is amazing! If you like lasers, he's your guy! If you like explosions, he'll put his hand up! If you like quips, you know who to call!

Eye brawl has the best upgrades.

He is the bravest and the funniest and strong too!

Eye-Brawl is so cool if you put a hat on him and shoot his eye off the hat goes with it!

8 Crusher

Definitely the strongest skylander. If you can control his "landslide" ability, he can travel so much quicker. His hammer deals massive damage and it can be upgraded to do amazing combos depending on which path you choose.

This skylander should be the strongest giant

This guy should be the strongest giant

He has a giant hammer that does so much damage

9 Scarlet Ninjini

Scarlet ningini should be number 1! she can rapidly deal truckloads of damage (with surrealistic Spheres) and stun enemies and she just plain looks cool! plus being a giant means she has a lot of health!

This skylander should be the strongest girl skylander

Ninjini is just plain cool she can go into a bottle and shoot rockets

I agree that she is better than Ninjini, but not #1!

10 Eruptor

He is really good and cute and also he is my favorite Character he was the first skylander I got

This guy, you can not go wrong with. If he use his powerful move the damage will increase and also it is a big on too. He can even shoot fire bals from his mouth and it is big.

He is molten lava man

He is super strong

The Contenders

11 Hot Dog

He is my number one fave he's cure and he's strong who could ask for anything else?

He is the cutest of all and is one of the most powerful in my opinion

Hot dog is a really cool looking figure and also a great fighter

He is so cute and very powerful but hard to find. He is awesome

12 Swarm

I love the design! He can fly which makes him so fast! And he can turn into a swarm of bees! He also has an ability to shoot from his butt stinger! He is the best giant ever! AIR ROCKS!

Swarm is the beast rocking bee like he's stinger oh my god

He is my favorite Giant!

He is so cool and he shoots from his stinger on his butt! I completed an entire set of stories with him! he is the best giant to get.

13 Granite Crusher



14 Flameslinger

Ok let me get something straight. Get flameslinger, pick the bottom path and get the wow pow speed demon upgrade on giants. He is WAY faster than stealth elf. He can get hard to reach enemies with the flaming arrow rain, run at blistering speeds and fire arrows, He is an archer, He is fast. He can make a flaming supernova and his aim is so good he wears a blindfold! My first and best skylander. without flameslinger I wouldn't have got three stars on any level without him. SO GET HIM AND VOTE FLAMESLINGER!

This guy should be up in the top tens.
Flameslinger may be a long-distance attacker, but he is strong. However, in my opinion, the Flaming Arrow Rain is somewhat difficult to aim, as I have to shoot two or three times before it goes where I want it to (his soul gem ability makes it quite easier, though.). Either way, his other attacks are quite good as well.
Now I'll go into a little detail about his upgrade paths.
If you take his Marksman path, overall, his arrows do more damage. The first path causes his regular arrows and the arrow rain to do increased damage. The second upgrade in this category causes his arrows to explode on contact. The third and final upgrade allows him to shoot three arrows at once. My Flameslinger currently has this path chosen, and it is very useful.
If you take his Pyromancer path (I can't remember If it is called that or not), he does more damage overall. The first upgrade allows his arrows to leave behind a small, temporary fire after they ...more

He is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE SKYLANDER and can annihilate stealth elf

Eh he is ok but he is more of the Long range type!

15 Hothead

Motorcycle. Raining sparks. Blow torch. EPIC!

Hot head goes around raping people

Awesome skylander love it's hot rod

His firerain does ridiculous damage and the meteor is awesome

16 Ninjini

Ninjini is a really stong magic ninja

One of my personal favorites, she's like two jinies had a baby and then their baby stole TMNT's Leonardo's kata as! 😱😱😱

17 Drobot

He is the best with his eye laser path upgrades

Drobot should be extreme strong

Rapid fire lasers = AWESOME!

Drobot is so cute

18 Legendary Bouncer

He is fast and cool he can shoot lasers out of his eyes and can shoot out of his fingers.

Better than Boucer, he should be #3

I had him a boy stole him womp womp womp woommmp

19 Trigger Happy

I love this crazy coin shooteer guy! I mean he's so funny and has loads of good attacks.He's actually is quite brave because he hardly bothers to aim when he shoots. This guy is a funny, brave and strong BEAST. He really should be in the top 5 AT LEAST.

I am a fan of Trigger Happy

The only guy who can trigger happy bad guys

I have him max he is epic

20 Legendary Thumpback

They didn't make this yet

What is that real?

21 Ignitor

He is laugh out loud weird


22 Lightcore Prism Break

The best guy EVER. come on! Crystals out of the sky (massive damage), lasers, refractions, repulse crystals

23 Bash
24 Stealth Elf

The "Tiger Move" is awesome!

She is very sneaky and swift, she could beat a dozen blaze Brewers in seconds! She can beat Drill X on her own and destroy each arkeyan villain one by one!

25 Sonic Boom

This is my little sisters favorite character!

26 Flashwing

Flashwing might be a girl but she is epic I mean she came from a shooting star

27 Legendary Stealth Elf
28 Pop Fizz

Pop Fizz is one of the best characters that has a wild variety of attacks to defeat your opponent. For example the best of the beast path, you can: breathe fire, pounce on your enemy, and do an awesome combo! There is also the mad scientist path where you can: combine your potions, make three small minions that follow you on your quest, throw a green puddle of pain, and throw powerful attacks!

If you buy Pop Fizz then choose the bottom path.

Pop fizz should be in a higher rank he is awesome

Pop Fizz should be in #1. because HE. IS. THE. BEST.

29 Molten Hot Dog
30 Ultimate Tree Rex

This will never be made and if it was it would be a waste of space

31 Prism Break

He should be in the top 20's

Yes I agree

32 Fright Rider

How has nobody put him in yet? He can drag enemies underground. He's my second favorite after flameslinger.

Ikr who doesn't love an undead person with a giant lance who stabs people to death on an ostrich!

He is a god

33 Spyro Spyro is a series of platform games which primarily features the protagonist Spyro the Dragon and his friend, Sparx the Dragonfly.

The awesome original Skylanders that made all of this happen. Come on guys how is Spyro not even on there? I thought he'd be in the top 5 surely

His Elete is good!


34 Chill

Call the narwhal - skylander boy and girl

35 Kaos

Ohhh Nice!

36 Legendary Ignitor

Awesome. Pure awesome. I have him and he does 50 damage and can use his fire insides. AWWSOME

Is there?

37 Legendary Slam-Bam
38 Jet Vac
39 Legendary Jet Vac

I have him

40 Lightcore Eruptor
41 Legendary Bash
42 Series 2 Spyro

Already got him!

43 Series 2 Bash

He is strong and he can roll around

44 Series 2 Eruptor

Come on comment he's epic

45 Krypt King

Krypt King should be #4!

Krypt king is the first strongest skylander in history and you should make every version of krypt king


Krypt king is the first strongest skylander in history and you should make a legendary krypt king and a dark kript king because krypt king is my first favorite skylander in history and you should also make a sidekick version of krypt king he is the best skylander in history so you should make all of the versions of krypt king thank you for making krypt king

46 Sunburn

He is so epic guys I mean he's a forrgotton skylander

47 Glitter Hothead
48 Snapshot
49 Zook
50 Swashbuckler

Isn't it WASH buckler?

No Swap force game #2!

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