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41 Series 2 Bash
42 Series 2 Eruptor

Come on comment he's epic

43 Krypt King

Krypt king is the first strongest skylander in history and you should make every version of krypt king

Krypt king is the first strongest skylander in history and you should make a legendary krypt king and a dark kript king because krypt king is my first favorite skylander in history and you should also make a sidekick version of krypt king he is the best skylander in history so you should make all of the versions of krypt king thank you for making krypt king

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44 Sunburn

He is so epic guys I mean he's a forrgotton skylander

45 Glitter Hothead
46 Snapshot
47 Zook
48 Chill
49 Swashbuckler

Isn't it WASH buckler?

No Swap force game #2!

50 Kaos

Ohhh Nice!

51 Camo

Who can be better, he can shoot watermelons! I'd say in the #20s!

He is the best especially if you get him to level 15

Of my 15 skylanders including thumpback pop fizz and crusher camo is hands down my favourite guy he is op and I have completed some levels only using him he is so op op op op

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