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21 Wham-Shell

Well, most of this is due to a recent situation. My Wham-Shell was only level 1, it was HARD MODE, and there was Arkeyan Juggernauts, Arkeyan Jousters, basically every Arkeyan enemy! And he defeated all of them, went up five whole levels, and didn't even get hit! WHAM SHELL IS AWESOME I TELL YOU!

Come on witch his golden mace. And electrical fields nothing can stop this crab!

Well, most of this is due to a recent situation. My Wham-Shell was only level one, it was HARD MODE, and there was Arkeyan Juggarnauts, Arkeyan Jousters, basically every Arkeyan enemy! And he defeated all of them, Went up five whole levels, and didn't even get hit! WHAM SHELL IS AWESOME I TELL YOU!

22 Hot Dog

Hot dog is really epic + he is so cute GET HOT DOG NOW and its so cool how he has a special molten hot dog version of him :)

The Pyro Pooch path prevails! Hot Dog proves cute characters can be the best. - StinkBuckler

Hot dog is really cute and funny he likes food a lot and able to burn any one in 1 second.

Not to powerful but comes in handy

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23 Eye Brawl

Eye brawl is the strongest skylander ever. He can just kill ignitor in just one move. You guys are just joking. VOTE FOR EYE BRAWL people.

Well first off eye brawl could not beat Ignitor. I have done a PvP mach Ignitor always wins, but eye brawl should be in the top ten because number 1 he's a giant, number 2 he has long range attacks, number 3 one of his hits does massive damage.

Eye Brawl is the BEST skylander ever!
How could you not put him at number 1?

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24 Cynder

I chose Cynder because she's the total package. You can zap enemies with black lightning anywhere from near to far. Also, the ghost trail is useful for booby traps. I couldn't tell you how many times I baited enemies in, only to slip behind them and zap them and the ghosts. BOOM!

Cynder is really powerful. She can bring lightning down from the sky. Also, she can do a shadow dash. The cool thing is that when she does shadow dash she will leave ghost behind which damage different kinds of enemy's. Lightning can come from her mouth too! I think Cynder is one of the greatest skylanders ever created.

Cynder is a shadow dragon! Plus she gets the awesome upgrade haunted ally to help her in battle! Vote for Cynder!

Cynder's lightning rain is okay, but her Spectral Lightning deals low damage so it is useless and her Shadow Dash is same

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25 Voodood

His staff does killer damage skylander should be top 15 at minimum. His elecric wires almost hit if your good a them and do decent damage

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26 Tree Rex

I think tree rex is good because he is strong and has greaT UPGRADES. He is also awesome.

He is just like tree Rex but he looks cooler and his lights are much cooler than the regular tree Rex's

Tree Rex should not be #26. He should be #1. I upgraded my Tree Rex to do 48 damage. He is so awesome. Make him #1!

I just love his smashing attack

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27 Swarm

Hey, why would Swarm be number 30? He is pretty good with all his upgrades. Swarm has these cool slicing hands that really do lots of damage. He has really good attack and his defense is also great. He is the best giant because he is totally strong. When kaos tries to attack him he will rapidly fail. GO SWARM!

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28 Stump Smash

Stump Smash is your best bet for a tough battle. His abilities control melee and ranged. If you don't like ranged attacks, SMASH! It's all over for the bad guy. YOU WIN! Mine is level 12 already. COME ON, PEOPLE! THIS IS OBVIOUSLY THE BEST SKYLANDER!

Stump smash is the best skylander ever! Because he can just smash down a bad guy with his hammer and with his acorn in his mouth. He can just spit it out of his mouth. And it goes so fast the bad guy will not have a chance to run away from the acorn

Does so much damage in his 1 and 2 attach

He has so much health, which means he can take on anyone! Best melee character!

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29 Boomer

Second path makes the slam do 100 and it stuns for 2 seconds and that is long enough to do it again so just keep slamming and enemy can't do anything

I think Boomer is awesome because he is a troll and has a case of dynamite!

He is very powerful and deadly.
He's great in PvP battles.
His slow firing speed is his only downfall.

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30 Ninja Stealth Elf

Same (best) skylander but now in ninja outfit and with a tiger attack it isn't getting better than this

One of the strongest skylanders. And the outfit even looks better than original

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31 Pop Fizz

Pop Fizz is insane he turns into a crazy little creature and has little potion minions. And when you mix his potions together it makes a fire pit. Beat Chop Chop every time!

Pop Fizz has many attacks that you could use in order to defeat your enemy. Like turning into a beast: Breathing fire, pouncing on an enemy, and doing awesome combos! There is also the potions: You could combine them, make minions, make a green puddle of pain, and throwing powerful potions! Pop Fizz should be the best character, his luck is perfect! Therefore concluding my epic opinion!

He is the master of of close ranged fighting (beast form) and is the master of ranged fighting (potion throwing) there are barley any skylanders who have both close ranged fighting and ranged fighting combinations so not only is pop fizz super powerful but he is unique. Plus he is crazy

Is awesome I choose his potion minions are awesome especially the acid ones

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32 Blast Zone V 1 Comment
33 Trap Shadow

He is my favorite swap skylanders and he does great fast powerful attacks.

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34 Lightning Rod

He can shout cool lightnings and the best is that he can make damage to the enemies there are far away of him with his Big Lightnin

What is lightning rod doing over her with the loser skylanders he should be in top 10!

Lightning rod is ugly so let him stay at the... I don't know? 85th place or something

35 Flashwing

Flashwing is AWESOME! I cannot believe you people She is the best your just jealous! This is a true story, once I saw flashwing in a magazine and I said I would cry if I didn't get her. The next day I saw a circle around her so I decided to draw a line and say "NEED" then all over the magazine I wrote FLASHWING FLASHWING FLASHWING, and remember SHE IS AWESOME!

She Is awesome she can spin around someone with out getting hurt and shoot crystals at the same time not only that she has the lighthouse attack which makes an amazing beam go in every direction spinning around

I play the crystal launching upgrade on her (which I forgot the name of). Went to my friends and beat all his giants the secret is to stand at a wall heal yourself and shoot four shots at once. And her being at 32 is a joke.

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36 Smolderdash

Smolderdash is amazing! With her fast attack speed when she is charged up, she is unstoppable! She should honestly be in the top 10!

37 Prism Break

His arms are giant crystals, and can shoot LASERS out of said crystals. What more could you want?
Aesthetics aside, Prism Break is a very good character, and has a very well-developed arsenal. From long range, his lasers can (with skill) cut corners. From mid-range, he can drop his crystals on the enemy's head, dealing a sizable amount of damage. And at close range, his crystal smash can shove enemies back to mid-range (see above), or just blast them with lasers.
He may take some skill to use, but there are few things as satisfying as splitting a single beam to hit all your enemies at once.

Prism Break is so cool his crystal laser do lots of damage and he can split them by shining them on crystals.

Prism break is awesome he's just so strong he can shoot beams at his enemies.

He is The best... no question about it

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38 Bumble Blast
39 Freeze Blade

Cool chillin style lol

40 Gill Grunt

He's pretty good, and his Anchor Upgrade is awesome.

Water Jetpack + Anchor, Harpoon, Explodin sea Creature, and Hydro Cannon = AWESOMENESS!

Have you seen the guy he is amazing! Turning into a shadow with amazing traps! And fast claw attacks no one can beat this tiger!

He looks like a maniac (that means idiot)

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