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41 Pop Fizz

Pop Fizz is insane he turns into a crazy little creature and has little potion minions. And when you mix his potions together it makes a fire pit. Beat Chop Chop every time!

Pop Fizz has many attacks that you could use in order to defeat your enemy. Like turning into a beast: Breathing fire, pouncing on an enemy, and doing awesome combos! There is also the potions: You could combine them, make minions, make a green puddle of pain, and throwing powerful potions! Pop Fizz should be the best character, his luck is perfect! Therefore concluding my epic opinion!

He is the master of of close ranged fighting (beast form) and is the master of ranged fighting (potion throwing) there are barley any skylanders who have both close ranged fighting and ranged fighting combinations so not only is pop fizz super powerful but he is unique. Plus he is crazy

Is awesome I choose his potion minions are awesome especially the acid ones

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42 Drill Sergeant

Take the Dozer Path, he's so fast and unstoppable! I do all the speed challenges with him, keep his head gun firing all the time while dealing damage with the charge. He's the BEST Skylander EVER!

Drill sgt. Is de best! He can shoot rockets from his head!
Do you see any other skylander do that!?!?

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43 Fright Rider

How is Fright Rider ranked 51st here?
That's pretty laughable. Even though Fright Rider lacks a ranged attack, the speed and multi-target high damage from his charging and spear attacks... You can mow down tons of enemies with one press of a button. I'm not trying to say that Fright Ride belongs in the "Top 10"... But it's lame that he's ranked 51st overall...

Fright Rider is a complete boss. He can murder down the Joust Jockey path with a move that can dish out over 100 damage after the main attack. The fact he is so low on this list is laughable. I personally love him, and can beat most if not all of the characters on this list.

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44 Slobber Tooth

He is one of my best skylanders and I completed the last level in Story Mode with him.

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45 Shroom-Boom

I think shroomboom is unreal he can shoot mushrooms
And the best part is with his soul gem he shoots himself
At enemies... BOOM

Shroom-Boom is the best! He shoots exploding fudge. He is upgraded very well. No Skylander can beat that fudge! He killed my Gill Grunt on the knockout. The best thing about shroom boom is his SOUL GEM! L think he can kill anything with his soul gem... BOOM!

46 Whirlwind

She is half unicorn half Dragon which is my favorite animals. And she can fly, shoot magical rainbows, heal ally, and create thunder clouds. She truly is the best when fighting a boss, just put another character that has low health in and she will heal them all the way!

Whirlwind is my fave Skylander. Yes I love having my own unicorn, but she is a powerful player too. She has great range, can reach bad guys on towers, and I've taken down level after level with her. Stealth Elf makes a nice partner to play with.

Ultimate Rainbower is so MUCH. FUN! Whirlwind has the coolest attacks dealing a great deal of damage with awesome. Rainbows. I just love Rainbow Singularity. She is a must-have just for the rainbows!

She is one of the coolest, cutest, and prettiest characters in the game.

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47 Jet-Vac

He rules his soul gem makes him look beast

48 Roller Brawl

Roller brawl is a beast she's like the new stealth elf and everyone likes stealth. She attacks so FAST she should at least be in the top ten. She is great in pvp she even beat stealth elf in someone's tournament don't believe me go to this dudes channel
AngrygameplayHD I watched it and roller brawl made it FAR the only reason she lost to slobber tooth was because the guy didn't know how to use her and it was still close. Roller brawl is the best she can beat. EVERYONE

Roller brawl is super fast. that's why her attacks are so quik and deadly. She can beat bumble blast and night shift. shes powerful.

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49 Pop Thorn

He is so cute and beast in battle mode. He beat fully upgraded rattle shake. Plus his attacks are awesome, like the rockets and clouds.

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50 Doomstone
51 Hoot Loop
52 Mega Ram Spyro

Spyro is the best skylander l reckon. His horn charge can kill any enimies in his front of him. His fire does 10% of damage. VOTE FOR MEGA RAM SPYRO!

L think mega ram spyro has these cool horns that can destroy any enimies in front of him. His fireballs does 10% of damage. The only weakness he has is that he is really had to defeat the skeletons because he only does a little bit of damage. l really like his upgrades like he can charge his horn bigger or triple fireballs.

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53 Lightcore Grim Creeper

See, Light core Grim creeper has these awesome spear that can sadfghjk

54 Spy Rise
55 Grim Creeper

He can't be touched in ghost form. Leave his body behind and reap enemies from a distance. Even if his body is in the fray it will defend itself with the right ability.

Grim creeper is the best. when you re in ghost form you can mark the spot where the enemy is.

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56 Ninjini

All his stats are over 100 and he's a giant

Ninjini is just plain awesome

She's a girl! How could she be #128?

57 Wash Buckler

His combos do a lot of damage

Upper Wash Buckler with lower Free Ranger! AWESOME!

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58 Magna Charge

Magna charge can throw most enemies off the islands killing them instantly, even on nightmare. He can control up to 3 enemies at 1 time and still shoot his cannon at the same time. Enough said.

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59 Rubble Rouser
60 Night Shift

Vampire Boxer

Nothing else needs to be said.

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