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61 Star Strike

"Along with Cynder and Flashwing, Star Strike is my ultimate favorite.
She is mysterious, wearing a stealthy hooded cloak with only her eyes peering out. Totally my style.

She shoots out shimmering blue shooting stars which you can deflect back repeatedly by spinning, with the star gaining strength the longer you keep it up.

Her secondary move is summoning falling stars from Heaven which deals massive damage. Such an awesome, cool unique design for a female character wrapped in mystery and depth. She's like a shimmering sky at night, complete with meteor shower".

62 Legendary Stealth Elf

Wait wait, shouldn't lengendary stealth elf be first, ninja stealth elf be second, series 2 stealth elf be third and stealth elf be forth! Crazy...

All the damage and healing of the original AND heals self. Spped is amazing and she has great AoE.

63 Scarlet Ninjini
64 Wrecking Ball

He is so cute and very strong. His force field ball is a great way to get big enemies.

Wrecking ball is so cute and he can roll and eat stuff from far away.

Wrecking ball does major damage and his tongue can swallow enemies.

Wrecking ball is everything I need in a skylander, cute model, awesome attacks, and is capable of killing trap masters(not even joking)

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65 Eye Small
66 Granite Crusher

Granite crusher is awesome he can crush anyone to death

67 Stink Bomb

Stink bomb is very fast and he always has many health. On level 2 on swap force he killed any troll with his awesome blade! COOLYO!

Stink bomb is a ninja skunk! I mean how much better does it get!? Sprays an oder so bad that not even stink bomb him self can stand it! And with hiz ninja skills and spray stimkbomb is practilly invincible!

Stink bombs a ninja skunk does, nt sound right but it, s true plus he, s got wicked gas power!

68 Dark Spyro

Woah, Woah, Whoah. Sorry, l mean who would put dark Spyro as number #61? He should been number #1 l reckon. Dark Spyro is the best! He's gas, he's darkness power and yeah you get the idea. l think Eon like him the best ( l think that would upset the other Skylanders if he said that) All powered up! Opps, l mean all fired up. That sounds right.

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69 Fire Kraken
70 Free Ranger

Best swap! Well, in coolness, maybe he can't beat Rubble (because he's retarded and they made him OP because of that! ) or Night Shift ( 3 lives! ) but he can shred in story and he is just plain cool!

71 Fryno

Heat rhino like a boss

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72 Grilla Drilla

Clearly the best of all of the Skylanders, a drill, a grilla, what more could you want?!?

Grilla Drilla is the most powerful skylander ever and is boss.grilla drilla should be number 1.grilla drilla is way better than thumpback

Grilla drilla is better than: stealth elf ignitor trigger happy drobot and thumpback. Grilla drilla should be number 1

He is so cool when he goes underground!

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73 Lava Barf Eruptor
74 Legendary Trigger Happy
75 Glow In the Dark Zap
76 Krypt King

Krypt king is a pretty good his sord dose lots of damage

77 Rattle Shake
78 Trigger Snappy

Trigger snappy just like trigger happy but lots cutesy trigger snappy follows you as any skylanders just not trigger happy he will clear chompy pods lickety split he will make your brain melt of cuteness

79 Blizzard Chill

"Out of every single skylander she is the best and my favorite. She whips out multiple ice shards, has an awesome accent, and throws giant ice cubes around like no body's business. Way cool."

80 Zoo Lou
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