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81 Scorp

Scorp is awesome. his sting ability is awesome

82 Wolfgang


83 Knight Light

If you take the pounce pathe he is INVINCIBLE! Well 90% of the time. Plus when he gets to Lviv 20 he gets 1373 hp

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84 Jade Flashwing V 2 Comments
85 Nightfall
86 Zap

Long and short range can make waves electrify water and can heal in water

Many people rank Zap pretty low, but he's actually one of my favorites. His sea slime is the killer action, though. - StinkBuckler

The sheer power of his fully upgraded lightning see slime is a force to be reckoned with! Plus he's super fast.

I love zap because of the lightning frome his mouth

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87 Warnado

Warnado is epic he has high defense and mega attacks. His shell spin attack is good in two ways: it deals high damage when fully upgraded and it is great for if you want to get somewhere fast as this makes up for him being slow

He's so strong I mean he can shoot tornados at his enemies and you don't even have to control them because they just go to your enemies by themselves.

Warnado is awesome his tornados can go after any enemies and do 40 damage. Warnado is awesome!

Super cute and super powerful. He should be higher mainly because the giants and swappables don't belong on the list

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88 Eruptor

Eruptor is beast when he uses his lava attack and KO's almost everything plus it's a source of light in the underworld. Also he has more HP than stealth elf has the same amount as Eruptor and Eruptor was level 6 and stealth elf was level 10

Erupor is super powerful his lava barf is awesome his magma ball it does a lot of damage he is way more powerful than stealth elf

Eruptors lava lobis awesome pools of fire are awesome the lava barf is awesome because it can go straight to enemies his magma ball is awesome vote for eruptor peple

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89 Sprocket

Sprocket transforms into a tank.

Her personality is awesome!

90 Happy Trigger
91 Countdown

Countdown is my favourite

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92 Polar Whirlwind

Cool looking variant though sill a little lacking in the damage department

I love the polar version the best. She is more cute than the normal version.

93 Punch Pop Fizz
94 Super Gulp Pop Fizz

I like his form because I like his bottles and his bottle is bigger than him

Super Gulp Pop Fizz is one of the best characters ever! The best part of S.G.Pop Fizz is that he can make a huge potion that travels with him and does splash damage!

95 Wind Up
96 Rip Tide
97 Lightcore Warnado

He is the best skylander none my friends even will battle with because of him but 83 really hard to believe

98 Ignitus
99 Sparx the Dragonfly

In the original Spyro games, he is hilarious.

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100 Zoe
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