Top 10 Best Slapshock Songs

Best songs from Slapshock. Tagalog songs are included

The Top Ten

1 Direction

Definitely the greatest hit this band has ever produced. And this list does not suck! People vote for their favorite. And this song is definitely on top. - aeromaxx777

Cool music like madapaker

Xiempre proud 2b kapampangan jamir garcia.. Idol...

2 Wake Up V 1 Comment
3 Agent Orange

Bounce the rock! Hard! And jump to the metal gushing sounds of the instruments and the vocals of this band...

V 2 Comments
4 Anino Mo
5 Adios

This is the best songs of the band of slapshock

6 CariƱo Brutal
7 Numb

this the best song from slapshock.. it makes my day complete everytime I hear this song.. keep it up guys!

8 Sigaw
9 Misterio
10 Get Away

The video playing backwards. - aeromaxx777

The Contenders

11 Waiting

This list is totally sucks... Direction? Oh come it should wake up or it should be waiting.

12 Queen Paranoia
13 We Are One

I like slapshock because I'mm a rakizta

14 Asal Demonyo
15 Langit
16 Ngayon Na
17 Stranded
18 Like Eskimo

Oh common! This track is good..

19 Forever
20 Stronger
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