Top 10 Best Slapshock Songs

Best songs from Slapshock. Tagalog songs are included

The Top Ten

1 Direction Direction

Definitely the greatest hit this band has ever produced. And this list does not suck! People vote for their favorite. And this song is definitely on top. - aeromaxx777

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2 Wake Up Wake Up V 1 Comment
3 Agent Orange Agent Orange

Bounce the rock! Hard! And jump to the metal gushing sounds of the instruments and the vocals of this band...

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4 Anino Mo Anino Mo
5 Adios Adios

This is the best songs of the band of slapshock

6 CariƱo Brutal
7 Numb Numb

this the best song from slapshock.. it makes my day complete everytime I hear this song.. keep it up guys!

8 Sigaw Sigaw
9 Misterio Misterio
10 Get Away Get Away

The video playing backwards. - aeromaxx777

The Contenders

11 Waiting Waiting

This list is totally sucks... Direction? Oh come it should wake up or it should be waiting.

12 Queen Paranoia Queen Paranoia
13 We Are One We Are One

I like slapshock because I'mm a rakizta

14 Asal Demonyo Asal Demonyo
15 Langit Langit
16 Ngayon Na Ngayon Na
17 Stranded Stranded
18 Like Eskimo Like Eskimo

Oh common! This track is good..

19 Forever Forever
20 Stronger Stronger
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