Best Slash Albums

The Top Ten

1 Appetite for Destruction

Why is this second? It's clearly one of the best albums in history. Although Slash self titled is great, AFD is the best.

2 Slash

Listen to Crucify the Dead and you'll see why it's on here. - Alpha101

3 Use Your Illusion II
4 Guns N' Roses Greatest Hits
5 Apocalyptic Love

Amazing new album, with great hit songs like bad rain and anastasia.

6 Use Your Illusion
7 Use Your Illusion I
8 Contraband
9 World On Fire
10 It's Five O'Clock Somewhere

The Contenders

11 Ain't Life Grand
12 G N' R Lies
13 Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide
14 Living the Dream
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