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1 Reign in Blood

it is not just an album. it is the bible of thrash metal.

This album is perfect. I hate when people say that angel of death and raining blood are the only good songs every song's great. Jesus saves and Reborn are hidden gems among the rest though.

The Black Album of Slayer everyone praises it for two or three songs, but forgets the rest of the album is filler, sure it is entertaining but no where near the caliber of seasons in the Abyss or South of Heaven - germshep24

I would have gone with Master of Puppets as the comparison but that album has variety, so the Black Album was the closest comparison I can come up with where the mixture of standout songs and praise don't match up.
Black album is Praised for three songs: Enter Sandman, The Unforgiven, and Nothing Else Matters; just like Reigning Blood is pretty much loved for: Angel of Death and Raining Blood and two really awesome songs isn't a reason to say it is the greatest album ever - germshep24

I'm listening to it as I'm typing this

2 Seasons in the Abyss

Slayer is one of the very few bands in this world who never ever had released a single bad record but still throughout their whole carrier my vote goes to seasons in the abyss.
Even though I have listened to their entire discography.
Anyone in this world who wants to know what is the real combination of guitars and drums look no further than this record trust me you won't regret.
Plus it is better than any other thrash metal record out there except a tie to metallica...and justice for all.
Just listen to this record entirely and don't miss a single song then you will post the same comment that I am writing...

I am not surprised to find that this is #2 in the list, even though it should be #1. Reign in Blood was a revolutionary record and for that it deserves to be remembered, however, the songs are simply not as good as on Seasons.

Seasons showed the single biggest growth in the history of the band, the song writing improved from the already great South of Heaven and the production is perfect.

There are some stand-out tracks, Seasons in the Abyss, Skeletons Of Society, Dead Skin Mask and War Ensemble, however what makes this record so special is that there is very little quality difference between the tracks, it is a classic, all killer no filler record - Slayer at their very best...

My favourite album of all time. Every track has amazing riffs and it contains one of the darkest songs of all time, Dead Skin Mask

Seasons in the abyss antara 50 south of heaven dan 50 Reign in Blood

3 South of Heaven

Love it so much

The best album ever!

Best album ever! no fillers!

Best Combination of Trash, Speed, Songs, Riffs, Vocals and Harmonie!

4 Hell Awaits

Has their most creative riffs.

believe me, reign in blood is a great album with awesome songs, but there's just something thats so dark and doomy about Hell Awaits that makes it better in my opinion!!

Just the raw unpolished sound with the immensely technically complex compositions, undeterred by any studio influence, this album to me is Slayer's creative proficiency at its peak.

Every gets influences by Raining blood being the Trash Master piece etc etc... yes, it is an awesome album but the songs are a lot look alike through the album. (do shoot me, I am still saying it is good) but Hell awaits had more versatility in the songs. Second is South of Heaven, a delight for all drummers...

5 Show No Mercy

A great debut! - V4noM

Black magic, antichrist, tormentor, evil has no boundaries, final command... awesome. Great guitar riffs. I love arayas voice. Show no mercy is such raw old school trash album definitely my favourite, better than reign in my blood in my opinion

While Reign in Blood has 2 or 3 songs that will stay in your mind, this album had 2 or 3 that will not!

This wan was the first trash albums a buy when I was young. firs a wear a jeans jacket with this label on my back also a big hand band you know the wan the waring I think it was the blond guy from slayer he wear a leather band with big spikes so a was wearing a time to but than a changed all and I started with motorhead I love the head the logo and snaggeltooth yes than I was buying all thing van motorhead. and never changed anymore. but this elp together with the maxi elp was my first encounter with the devil so aso the first venom but later more ironmaiden and zo. but it was forbidden in my home to wear this things the told me I was the kid of the devil and that music to. yes I was bad but only my music

6 God Hates Us All

Ariana Grande: God is woman
Black Sabbath: God is dead?

My personally favorite album, songs like Disciple, God Send Death, Exile, Seven Faces, Bloodline sound really goood

Disciple is one of their best songs for sure - V4noM

I think the songwriting and the production are the best of all their albums. The vocals are a little louder in the mix which makes the lyrics more intelligible. Paul's drums sound amazing and his playing is as good as anything Dave ever did.

7 World Painted Blood

A real return to form

Great album, good mix in terms of recording. Not as thrash orientated as Hell Awaits. However, a very heavy album, dark and doomy. Puts some of the new so called "Nu generation" to shame. Guess that's why these guys are the godfathers of thrash. RIP Jeff HANNEMAN.

Well I think it's clear that this album can't hold on with the first 5 albums, but it should be number 6

Slayer is my all time favorite metal band and I love most songs an most albums. I really tried to love this album but to me it lacked feel, groove, catchyness. It seemed rushed and uninspired and the song writing was sub par for them.

8 Christ Illusion

Takes the speed from Reign in Blood and anger from God Hates Us All and mixes them perfectly. This album deserves so much more credit than it has

Fastest album since Reign In Blood and in my opinion holds up real well to it, all the songs are longer and less filler than reign in blood. Flesh Storm is INSANE

Fast. Very very fast Slayer, definitely best band from the big four. Cult is an amazing song

It's my favorite slayer album. Definitely best since seasons in the abyss. Dave lombardo really injected some much needed creativity

9 Divine Intervention

Very underrated. It's one of my favourite albums - KoopaTeen

Masterpiece. 10/10.

Definitely best album for me

A very underrated album. Very raw with a rough production. Lots of consistently good songs - no fillers. Paul Bostaph takes over Dave Lombardo's position for drumming and does an great job.

10 Repentless

Its alright but the drumming is so horrible

An excellent album, I don't expect it to surpass Reign in Blood, but is a great balance of slow and fast songs. Gary Holt does Jeff Hanneman justice and Paul Bostaph has great drumming skills although Dave Lombardo is missed. RIP Jeff

Deserves more praise. This is the best metal album ever, by far, to be put out by men over 50. I would put this up against 90% of bands, past and present, that are in there 20's.

Best one of Slayers new albums. Not deserves to be that low on the list.


The Contenders

11 Haunting the Chapel

Chemical Warfare counts as an album!

Chemical warfare is what got me into slayer

Even though its an ep this is still one of the best, htc is #2 album, right under hell awaits and right above show no mercy

12 Diabolus in Musica

The best Slayer album!

Can't stop listening to this song called Love to Hate - CowboysFromHell

For once, Slayer learns how to write music without relying purely on speed and aggression, and the band taking their best shots at incorporating more melody and different riffing styles into their sound. The band consequently sounds incredibly invigorated, and their new approach is very refreshing. - JR302

You will like this album if you like God Hates Us All. Very underrated album indeed. - metaldude8

13 Soundtrack to the Apocalypse
14 Undisputed Attitude

My personal favourite. Nothing like metal legends covering punk legends.

Such an underrated album. Should be #4 after hell awaits, haunting the chapel, and show no mercy, reign in blood is #5

15 Decade of Aggression

The BEST live metal album of all time.
Brilliant and perfect like Slayer is!

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1. Reign in Blood
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