Seasons in the Abyss


I've listened only to one good Slayer album so far... "Seasons in the Abyss" is not a masterpiece, but it's pretty much enjoyable from beginning to the end (there are only three weak/bad songs), drums and guitars are great and vocals are more melodic and definitelly more rythmic than on the other Slayer albums. "Dead Skin Mask" is a really good song and title track is a really moody masterpiece.

I've tried Reign in Blood... I gave that album three chances and... no, it's simply a mess. I know that some of you might appretiate the speed, but it's a weakness for me, because they play it so fast that it looses its rhythm... I could barely distinguish the notes in the guitar riffs and vocals were terrible and mismatched. Only "Postmortem" and "Raining Blood" were good songs, mostly because guitars slowed down, allowing the rest of the band to match rythmically.

South of Heaven, Hell Awaits and Show no Mercy had their good songs, but in total they weren't good albums... they ...more

Reign in blood is good but it's so intense that you get to a point where all the songs sound the same, seasons in the abyss, however, has a lil bit of everything... If you want straight-up heavy, listen to war ensemble, if you want creepy but still heavy, listen to skeletons of society, if you want creepy but less heavy, listen to dead skin mask, if you want a masterpiece, listen to seasons in the abyss - fidelcanojr

I think Seasons in the Abyss is a very consistent album and that makes it great to listen to all the way through. It is more refined than the earlier Albums, but still thrashy and gritty enough to be classic and cult. The lyrics are cool and it is obvious that there is some thought and maturity behind them. It has a decent length and the Tracks themselves also remain good through and through. Maybe Reign in Blood does have more "hits" on it, but I still think Seasons is superior in overall composition and arrangement. And that is what I rate when I rate an Album, I don't rate 3 Tracks - I rate them all in the package presented.

I'd rather have 8 good tracks and 2 excellent ones than 3 excellent ones and mediocrity in-between. Seasons is the way to roll if you like cds and lps.

They took the sounds of 'Reign' and 'South' and combined them making this their most musically intelligent album to date. It has the Sabbath influenced Sludge metal of 'South' and the punk aggression of 'Reign'. Seasons in the Abyss is the most diverse and accurate representation SLAYER.

Don't get me wrong reign in blood is An extremely good album but seasons combines the speed and fury of reign in blood in songs like war ensemble, and the slow and heaviness of south of heaven like in the self titled track and dead skin mask. Truly and epic album with awesome riffs

Reign in Blood only has two very good songs and then one or two more that are almost as good. Seasons, on the other hand, has four amazing songs and then one or two more really good songs. War Ensemble, Seasons in the Abyss, Dead Skin Mask, and Skeletons of Society are all masterpieces.

Best flow of songs by far reign in blood only has 4 that I like to listen to

Though reign in blood is faster and has piece by piece, Angel of death, and raining blood. That album has quite a lot of filler songs that aren't really all too good. Seasons in the abyss though doesn't even have any filler songs all the songs are slayer at their best.

Best album by far war ensemble, spirit in black, seasons in the abyss, expendable youth enough said

This album has better song structure, and more diverse than any other Slayer album; with every song great. Hard to choose a favourite track, but if forced to choose Spirit in Black would probably be it

Better than reign in blood, really the best hard rock/ metal album of all time. Album cover spitting out all those kids while playing disposable youth. Goes quite well with super castlevania 4

Definitely Slayer's best. Took the speed and fury of Reign in Blood and the atmosphere of South of Heaven, and blended it together to form this masterpiece.

Seriously? War ensemble, seasons in the abyss, spirit in black, skeletons of society, dead skin mask., expendable youth and it doesn't deserve the top spot? - Sheariah

Ths is my personal favourite because it was my first slayer album and it made me a slayer fan, plus it has some of their big guns.

#1 album indeed!
Seasons in the Abyss
War Ensemble
Dead Skin Mask
Skeletons of Society

4 perfect songs from this album rite there!

Reign In Blood is fast and the tracks are shorter but overall I enjoyed the different speeds and longer tracks here better.

Reign in blood is a great album but this is better overall and a lot more mature band by this point best record by far

Reign In Blood is one of the best thrash metal albums, but Seasons In The Abyss is THE thrash metal labum.
Reign In Blood starts to get repetitive after 10 minutes, but Seasons In The Abyss never gets old and always sounds fresh, because there are fast and brutal songs (war ensemble), some slower material (dead skin mask) and one of the best metal songs ever 8seasons in the abyss).

The songwriting is more mature, with better structuring and the guitar riffs are more memorable.

Easily the second best. Though it just doesn't have the non stop perfection of Reign In Blood.

By far my favourite album by Slayer. This album is the definition of heavy metal.

This is not only the best Slayer album, it is the best thrash album of all time.

Best album. I love all their songs, but these songs are absolutely the best.

Yeah, I know reign in blood is an absolute classic but dare I say it there are some semi-fillers to put it that way! But seasons oh wow it's just magic! As a girl I don't headbang much but deadskin mask really does it for me

Should be #1, the title track is one of my all time favorite songs.