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41 Four Corners and Two Sides

It's so amazing, the upbeat melody, the heavy screams, and Kellin's beautiful singing. Nothing can compare, except maybe the left side of everywhere, with eras to see and eyes to hear, congratulations, and who are you now, all of their songs are amazing!

42 I'll Take You There

This is actually one of my favorite songs! Super catchy & great lyrics! This is probably my favorite song on their album "feel

43 Madness
44 Heroine

Words cannot describe how amazing this song is. One of the bests from "Madness"

I love this song, its gotta be higher on the list!

Everything about this song is perfect.

45 Feel

At first I thought that sleeping with sirens was a ratchet band that had a guy who sang like a girl as lead singer but this song changed everything. It also changed my life I found a girl who liked sleeping with sirens and she turned out to be my girlfriend. I love punk rock. And my girlfriend

How is this so low on the list?!?!?

Because it's on their new album that only got released like a few months ago :/

Sad to see it so low. It's a great song. - Elijah_Cook

46 Let Love Bleed Red

I really love this song I have heard it right before I was going to sleep

The most underrated of all their songs.
The lyrics are touching plus there are vocals from the amazing aaron marsh from copeland (kellin's favourite band)
Just listen to it and immerse yourself in it's beauty.

How is this not like number 3 I love this song it's so sweet it almost brought me to tears.

So underrated, I think it's one of the best songs they wrote. It's just really beautiful

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47 Save Me a Spark

I'm surprised it's not higher. Really like this one.

I'm obsessed with this. why is it not higher? UGH

This is one of my favorites and just gives me major feels, this is going to be my wedding song...even though I'm only a teenager...

48 Here We Go

Here We Go-This is my favorite Sleeping With Sirens song! Kellin's voice sounds very good in it, same with the instrument playing of Gabe and Jack (Justin and Jesse too). Its really upbeat and just wow.

Okay this is a great song in my opinion... It should at least be on the list

49 Don't Say Anything V 1 Comment
50 2 Chord

Kellin's voice holds such emotion in this song, you can just tell that it has a sqecial meaning to him. Everything about this song is amazing, from the lyrics, to the music. I am very impressed with it.

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51 Gold
52 Left Alone
53 These Things I've Done

Seriously? My opinion this song is at number 1-5

This song completes my life

54 The Best There Ever Was V 1 Comment
55 We Like It Loud

I've become obsessed with this song. I've listened to this over 200+ times and I love it. Kellin's voice is amazing, and this song is so upbeat. I love it!

I love this, it's the perfect song to listen to when you feel mad at the world and just need to let out some serious energy.

Upbeat and definitely has the best screams I've heard in a while

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56 Empire to Ashes


Definitely their best song. 🎼I love the lyrics and the tune. - Catlover2004

57 I Need to Know

It's a sweet song really. Something about it just clicks. Not the most unique. Though it is very touching.

58 Legends

This song is from their new album and it is absolutely phenomenal! - Fardeen120

59 Scene One - James Dean & Audrey Hepburn

This is the acoustic version of If I'm James Dean, You're Audrey Hepburn, which is an amazing song in itself. But the acoustic version is all levels of PERFECT! The melody is altered so very slightly, but makes it so much more intimate & personal. Some people think Kellin sounds like a girl in this song, but if a girl sang this song I would seriously question her gender ;) This song simply shows Kellin's great vocal range, probably one of the best on the post-hardcore scene today! Anyway, the guitar just merges so perfectly with the song and it is one of the sweetest songs I have ever heard! This song is just amazing!

This song is just as perfect as the original version. I thought I loved the original more than anything, but I love the acoustic just as much. It shows Kellin's AMAZING voice range and a different side of Sleeping With Sirens. I really love how they can play hardcore songs AND soft and sweet songs that are equally as amazing.

This is amazing. His absolute feelings in this song are amazing. I love this song. The acoustic is better than the original.

I became a fan of Sleeping With Sirens when I heard If You Can't Hang, but I fell IN LOVE WITH THEM when I heard this song. It's absolutely beautiful.

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60 Parasite

Looked it up on YouTube and accidentally forgot to type "lyrics" after parasites so the results were hot I recommend you do the same

Upbeat song and has good screams. Very similar to dead walking Texas ranger but faster and more hardcore.

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