Best Slender Man Vlog Moments

Hello everybody from across the Slender fandom. I made this poll to see what the fandom thinks is the top 10 best moments in a Slendy vlog. You can add to the list to, just name [Vlog Name]:[Short description title] and please add the link to the moment.

Have fun!

The Top Ten

1 Marble Hornets: Masky's first appearance.

How can someone not be scared by that scene? It was the first time we ever got to see a second villian appear in a Slendy series and the whole entry was just overall welldone. That's why this gets my vote.

2 Everyman HYBRID: The real Slender Man makes himself known.

I saw slender in my woods that I go to camp out with my friends and I had my video oh YouTube channel still and my friends are girls and I'm a 19 year old girl and I saw slender and me and my friends were screaming and omging ARE SELVS 0____0

3 Tribe Twelve: Noah records himself at night.
4 ML Andersen: Slender Man attacks in the Alley.
5 Dark Harvest: Kind von Der Ritter has a knife.
6 TJA Projects: The Sight's first appearance.
7 My Dark Journal: He must obey his master.

This has great visual effects

8 Angel's Game: It approaches.
9 Slenderman's face in full view appears in the screen
10 The Outside Agents: Mark's death.

The Contenders

11 Apple Of Our Eye: The gang has "car trouble".
12 004 Steps: Slendy's first appearance

This series is extremely underrated. That whole scene, if a little cheesy, was still pretty damn scary. It was so well done when you consider the age of the people making it.

13 Return of the 8 foot Slenderman
14 Slenderman destroys John Cena at Wrestlemania 36
15 The Incredible Hulk "hulks out" and squashes Slendy flat as a pancake
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