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1 Psychosocial Psychosocial Cover Art

The Best song among the more heavier metal(including Death) songs... It's just EPIC. The Best heaviest Intro ever and the best growl to be ever made with which the song takes off gets even more heavier more Perky... I used to cut the Riffing part of great metal songs put them as my ringtone. But when I heard this, I decided nothing can beat this! Because, NO NEED TO CUT... The Intro does it for you! Love it...

I don't know anybody who likes slipknot but this song sure rocks for me. EPIC RIFF.

Yes indeed the best song ever by slipknot but its really doesn't seem nice to see vermillion down there. From my point of view the best sonds are as following-
1 Psychosocial
2 vermillion
3 Wait and bleed
4 duality
5 eyless
6 My plague

I think this is the most loved slipknot song and clearly defies the band no more needed to say psychosocial is the top song by slipknot hands down you just play over and over again I speak for all the maggots out there psychsocial is the greatest song EVER! R.I. P paul grey#2.

2 Duality Duality Cover Art

This song was extremely intense. The screaming was good, the lyrics were amazing, and the music video look very fun to be in. Slipknot really showed that they are amazing at making music with this song. I honestly don't understand why Psychosocial is number 1. The screaming, lyrics, and vocals just can't compare to Duality. I consider Duality the best song that Slipknot has released yet. Also, I can imagine a mosh pit with this song at a concert, and this song is perfect for it!

Closely followed by Psychosocial, Duality is my ultimate head banging song! The bass and drums are just insane and it makes my adrenaline rise every time I hear it. "I've gotta say, what I've gotta say, then I swear I'll go away, but I can't promise you'll enjoy the noise. I guess I've saved the best for last, my future seems like one big past, your left with me 'cause you left me no choice." Ahhh! Man I love this song!

I had listened to a few Slipknot songs before but this was the song that made me get into this full time.. "Duality" a song in which every signature move from fast drums to guitar solos to various vocal ranges to switch of genres have been exploited effectively is probably the best song by Slipknot without a doubt..

This is one of my favorite Slipknot's songs together with Before I Forget and Nameless (And it isn't on this list, I don't why... but anyways) In my opinion is one of those songs that leave you with a message and make you learn something. It's simply a masterpiece.

3 Before I Forget Before I Forget Cover Art

Me and my sister were listening to this song one time and she thought the lyrics were:
"I am a WORM before I am a man"
Ever since then I can't listen to this song with a straight face anymore

! This song BEFORE I FORGET must be number one. It the best song I ever have heart I my life! They have awesome lyrics, and music. Slipknot is one of the most special band in the world, all their songs are very good but this one is, just AWESOME! I BELIEVE that this song will live forever! This song always will be popular, thaks Slipknot for this incredible song!

Probably their best. I can't imagine my life without this song. It's difficult to choose because Slipknot has MASTERPIECES such as Duality, Psychosocial, Snuff, Dead Memories, Wait and Bleed... But you can't beat this song, it's the song that everyone should listen to, just perfect, just go and check it yourself.

This is the only song that I hear everyday... I cannot live a day without this song, the video of this song proves that slipknot play amazing.. joey jordison did a great job in this song. the drums are totally amazing. coreys voice are amazing too. all on this song is awesome and it deserves grammy

I am a world before I am a man
I was a creature before I could stand
I will remember before I forget

4 Wait and Bleed Wait and Bleed Cover Art

Just because a song wins a Grammy doesn't mean its good. Wait and Bleed is way better than before I forget. When I 1st heard this song, I loved it instinctively. Corey Taylor's vocals are simply amazing. Duality is their second best and after that Snuff. Before I forget should be somewhere at the bottom of this list. Its chorus is a bit lame.

THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE! Its amazing! When I first heard it, I feel inlove with it like instantly! Before I forget is an okay song too! But I just love this one! This and Spit it out, completely awesome. I think before I forget should be like... Three.

Slipknots last album is pretty good but way overrated because they don't have as much real anger in it. Slipknots debut album is their best because they put the most anger and emotion into the music. Wait and Bleed is the best song off their best album.

What?! Song number 4?! This song and Spit It Out should be tied for number one! I think the song is about Corey's suicide attempt and how he stopped before he actually killed himself.

5 People = S*** People = S*** Cover Art

This song catches Slipknot at their most honest period. They all hated each other during and it shows in songs like this one. Putting all of that anger into songwriting for a band like Slipknot leads to only one thing... Pure awesomeness, not just in this song but the whole album. This should at least be in the top 5, if not #1.

I know you're all thinking about how songs make you feel emotionally, but I couldn't care less. I'm a musician and in this song Slipknot displays some of their best musicianship, which is really what makes the band. Not masks, awards being won, an image, etc.

These kids on this list pick out the softest songs with the best chorus. I honestly don't even know if the have heard this song. This song deserves #1. Please grow up and listen to this song. I would give my personal top ten list but that's none of your BUIS-A-NESS!

Why this songs is on the 11?.. It represents the true slipknot.. Most of the slipknot best songs come from the album Iowa which was considered one of the better metal albums.. Psycosocial is a good song but it its poor
Compared to each of the songs of Iowa

6 Snuff Snuff Cover Art

It's fun when people first listen to Slipkot's Snuff, that's so soft, they try to listen to more Slipknot material and they got surprised because of their HEAVY (with capital letters) style. But heavy doesn't mean bad.
I listened to Snuff, and it was just the beginning of my long relation with Slipknot. It got me into true heavy metal with serious screaming and epic drums and riffs.
Today, I prefer HEAVY metal than soft stuff (which doesn't mean soft stuff is bad, it isn't). But, I have to say it's still my favourite. Not only because it was the first, but because it's also emotional, full of awesome sentences and lots of meanings. It's a tie between this and Before I Forget to me, but thanks to what this song means to me, must be the first.
Sorry for my bad English, I tried to do it as good as possible.

I honestly don't like Slipknot, but this song is just otherworldly. A song that perfectly resembles betrayal, with the confused feeling of feeling of love left after all that person has done. This shows that the band you would least expect has a strength in acoustic-esque ballads. I can't believe this isn't even in the top 3. "My own was banished long ago, it took the death of hope to let you go" then the instrumental break is honestly one of the most powerful moments in rock in the last few years. Shame on you all for not bumping this to number 1.

This is probably the heaviest of slipknot's songs, mentally, it may not be physically heavy, but when that second chorus hits and the instruments start building up for the solo, if your brain isn't nutting it's pants, than there is something wrong with you. This is definitely a slipknot song. They proove once again that they can make a song in the lower reaches as far as tempo goes, and make it purely Slipknot. No other group I know of could take a chance like this and knock it out of the park.

This should be way higher than it is. Honestly my favorite song from Slipknot, filled with passion and emotion. This song is so emotional and deep, and being the last song the band wrote with bass player Paul Gray before he passed away it makes it that much more emotional. You can feel a real sense of pain in this song, which is hard to find today and I think ultimately it should be higher up in the rankings.

7 Spit It Out Spit It Out Cover Art

This song it's a band classic. Better than Before I Forget and Duality in my opinion (those two are also classics but this one is better to my ears). It's awesome, and when you hear the song while watching the video it's even better. You can feel Corey's rage in this one, and the rapped chorus is fantastic. One of Nu-Metal's best songs in my opinion. This, wait and bleed and (sic) are three Slipknot gems that deserve to be at least in the top five. I love them.

This is Slipknot! Great Song!
Maybe the songs above are more melodic and maybe this is not the Slipknot song I would listen to all the time, but when you choose the number one song for a band, you have to choose a song that defines the band. Spit it out would be the one, I think..

Can't quite understand why this isn't in the top 10.
You can feel the adrenaline raging through your body when you listen to this!

While 13 happens to be my favorite number, it is far too low a position for this song, top 5 at least! This song is great. It's fast, it's heavy, and it's off their best album. Gotta love it.

8 Dead Memories Dead Memories Cover Art

This is a perfectly well-constructed song, It's slower than the other bangers on the album, kind of like a power ballad actually but it's still awesome nonetheless. This might not be as popular as other songs like Before I Forget, Disasterpiece, Spit It Out or even Psychosocial, but I'm glad it at least made it to the top ten.

I like how here they sound like more mature musicians, you know, from a lyrical and instrumental point of view they really grew as a band. And as much as this album has been hated and bashed through the years, I think it really showcases what these nine guys were capable of doing; They were not your generic nu metal band and they proved themselves here. This is a combination of heavy and experimental tracks, and it is successful in its own way because of that (So much it even topped the charts back in the day, being the first Slipknot album to do so) and probably the most important thing: This is the last album which features all the original members. I'm ...more

One of the first songs that I ever heard by the band. It's really special to me even to this day. It's not as fast or aggresive as the other ones in the album or in the entire Slipknot discography, it has a slow tempo but it's really dark, and heavy, more than just hearing the song you need to understand it. I'd include this in my top 20 Slipknot songs, and I'm glad it's here in the top ten.

Brilliant song, brilliant tune, beats, chorus... Just one of slipknot's beautiful songs. Hats off to slipknot for making insane music, in not just this song but in all their songs. Each song in this top ten list can be shuffled anywhere because of the difference in the quality of the songs being so minute. The metal gods are pleased.

I honestly think slipknot is a terrible band that makes stupid songs, but Dead Memories is the only song I can truly enjoy by them. I feel it has a much deeper meanings than other stupid songs such as Psychosocial, never got why everyone liked that song... Amazing song right here though...

9 Eyeless Eyeless Cover Art

How can be this low? I know it's in the top 10, but this position isn't fair at all. It's not only the best from the first album but one of the bests if not the best. Pure adrenaline, probably the best drums ever, the perfect Corey voice and a spectacular rhythm, that will make you headbang in every second.
Seriously people, a masterpiece.

This song is amazing. You get mad too when you hear it. It has twisted lyrics and and agressive sound, and the last scream by Corey it's just glorious. And I forgot to mention this is one of the first songs I heard from them. It totally introduced me to the band, and thank god it did. I'd put this track on my top 10 songs by Slipknot.

this is not only the best songs by slipknot, but also the best metal songs ever composed by any of the bands in the entire universe. just listen to the song and feel why it is the best. the screaming, sick lyric, awesome energy, everything makes the song simply THE BEST! Go sLiPkNot!

This is the greatest song in history. If you like Slipknot, you'll love this song. It has an amazing ending, and great vocals. You gotta love the screaming.

10 Left Behind Left Behind Cover Art

So much meaning. You can hear Corey's passion through his vocals on this one. He was so angry about being homeless, thus being left behind in society. No other song beats this one.

Best song by slipknot! Psychosocial is good but doesn't deserve number one or even two for that matter same with before I forget that songs too overrated

Another classic. This is one of the best choruses Slipknot ever made. I like the man riff, the lyrics, the chorus, the screams, everything! this song is awesome, one of the best ones in Iowa in my opinion.

Left behind (in my opinion) is Slipknots best song. It has amazing lyrics, great instrumental work and just clearly stands out amongst other slipknot songs.

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? My Pain My Pain Cover Art
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11 The Devil In I The Devil In I Cover Art

Gray Chapter is probably their best album yet, it is more complex, mature, heavy, dark, ominous, meaningful, and atmospheric then all of the other albums Slipknot have made, especially Iowa and Slipknot. Devil in I is my second fave song from this album, losing only to killpop.

Vermilion was my favorite but I think this was their best. I'd say this was their best album, I didn't think they'd make another after Paul and if they did it wouldn't be great. But most songs on this album felt very powerful. I'm glad they came back from their tragedy.

This should be in the top 5 to be honest, it's been out for 2 years almost 3 now. Before this song came out, psychosocial and heretic anthem were my 2 favorites, but now for the past couple of years, honestly this my favorite slipknot song

Catchy riff that gets you headbanging every time. The powerhouse vocals and drums bring out the intensity of the song, while it has it's melodic parts you can feel. Even though it's new, it is very well one if the best!

12 Sulfur Sulfur Cover Art

This is probably in my top five favorite Slipknot songs. I don't know why, but it gives me a different vibe than other Slipknot songs. I can't describe, I just love it. If I was forced to hear this everyday, I'd do it with no problem, haha. And the video is awesome too. One of my favorite songs on one of my favorite albums by the band.

Best ending ever, or almost so. The rest in the typical Slipknot song, with screams, a catchy chorus, scratching and an involving drum line. 11 is definitely not enough

I would give my left testicle if I could go back in time and listen to this song on download festival in 2009. I just love their performances that are from 2010 or older

I can't believe... 15... I think what this song is full deserve for be #1.. It is best of Slipknot.. Listen it before you will vote, and you will vote only for this song I know..

13 (Sic) (Sic) Cover Art

One of the best songs in this list. It should be over a lot of songs that are in the top 10, not because they're bad, but because they aren't as good as this. This is a masterpiece, Slipknot defining, One of nu metal's best, what more do you want? This is unbeatable, it should be in the top five, but people always blindly vote for Duality and Before I forget. They're good songs, but a little bit overrated in my opinion. This isn't overrated and it's musically and lyrically better than those too. Vote for this!

Best. Slipknot. Song. "You can't kill me cause I'm already inside you." every time that part comes on followed by the maniacal laughing I go absolutely nuts.

This list is just wrong. You can tell it is just new slipknot fans. Three songs from their newest album? Come on, their self titled album is the best by far, way harder, way faster. I like their new stuff but I always go crawling back to their older stuff. This song is just disgustingly raw, love it.

Are you kidding me slipknot top ten without (sic) being in it? I can't rate which song is their number one but this song should be on the top ten, Pshychosocial, dead memories, and songs like that are good enough but don't deserve a top ten status, come on fellow maggots vote sensibly

14 Vermillion Vermillion Cover Art

This song is so in-depth. Even the vocals add to the story. The way Corey Taylor changes his voice from a calm state to a desperate cry absolutely captures the descent into madness that the song's protagonist goes through. Every line in the song can be interpreted differently depending on who is interpreting it, and that's what makes it so beautiful. The fact that the song's message can be different for every listener- depending on what THEY have gone through in the past- insures that this song is relatable to everyone, from the most hardcore maggot to a Justin Bieber fan. Why is this song not in the top ten? There is no answer.

First of all, sorry for my english, I'm spanish. Second, although I like Psychosocial too much, to my mind this song has been talked up by people who started to listen slipknot from 2008 to nowadays. Third, VERMILLION IS AMAZING! From 2004 I'm listening this song and I'm still listening it!

Well this song still my favorite, why you people only vote for the Screaming song and those new or older song. This is the greatest one, and still legendary with awesome Videoclip (Which is add some stories, unlike any other song except Left Behind and Dead Memories. )

Such an Under-rated song. Probably the most underrated song in Modern Metal History. The lyrics are so deep, that people don't understand. Crahan and Corey did a tremendous Job with the song. Most Definitely Top 3 Material.

15 Disasterpiece Disasterpiece Cover Art

Corey himself said that he is often looking forward to perform this song live, as it amps him up. Between the perfect mix of delicious percussions, bad ass riffs and the violent lyrics, any set of metal crowd hearing this would go nuts!

Most people have experienced bullying before which is why this song might be so relatable. The lyrics describe how you feel towards them and it is such a pissed of song that it gets you hyped every time you listen to it.

Absolute perfection. Ideal balance between early and late Slipknot in this one song. The outro is the key thing that makes this great song a true masterpiece.

This song has the most amazing lyrics, I've ever heard. Its at no. 23 maybe because people don't understand the meaning of this song. Try to interpret the lyrics as a man with dual personality talking to himself. In the song, when corey sings in heavy voice, that represents the bad part and when in relatively soft voice then it is the helpless person who can't control his emotions.

16 The Heretic Anthem The Heretic Anthem Cover Art

I love before I forget and duality and snuff. But holy this song blows all of them out of the water, when I heard this song in concert it was honestly the best experience I think anyone can have

How can you say you are a true maggot and not have this song in your top 10? ITs simply amazing and gets your adrenaline pumping! If you're 555 than I'm 666!

While it may not be their most popular song, its easily their heaviest and most underrated song. If you can't headbang to this you should be burned at the stake.

Who ever saw slipknot live must put this song at no. 1! Unfortunately, only the first 2 albums really rock. The new ones are about as hard as Justin Bieber...

17 Surfacing Surfacing Cover Art

Brilliant song to scream into the ears of society! This is when they made some good music! Before Dead Memories that horrible song

The epitome of Slipknot. Loud, fast and angry. This song got me hooked on them and it wasn't the sad, whiney new off the new albums.

I am very ashamed of the top 10. Where is disasterpiece and sic? Or SURFACING? Surfacing kicks so much ass your nose will bleed.

They call it the National Anthem for a reason.

It is one of their best encore tracks, also for a reason.

18 My Plague My Plague Cover Art

This song might not be slipknot's best, but it is so good. It has amazing lyrics, like the top comment says. It is the best on the Iowa album, and the Iowa album is their best album, so that is saying a lot.

The only reason the top 3 are there is because theirs people who only know like 3 songs this one is my favorite I loved the Iowa album along with vol. 3 and al hope is gone those are my favorite in order.

One of my favorite Slipknot songs among many. If I were to choose, it'd be this one. Psychosocial is right up there but I'm not crazy about the lyrics.

Excellent opening verse which really does make you want to take a bite out of a freshly ripped heart.

19 All Hope is Gone All Hope is Gone Cover Art

This is one of my favorite songs in A.H.I.G., behind Sulfur and Gematria. It's not as overrated as Psychosocial and it's just as awesome. It deserves to be on the first page not on the second lol. I wonder why this isn's as popular as Duality or Before I Forget. Maybe a lot of people haven't heard it.

This is masterpiece. Simply very best song from slipknot. Such an underrated song

Slipknot isn't popular anymore and one direction is, this is proof that all hope is gone.

All hope is gone is supposed to be at least at top 5. But its not thanks to the teenager fans

20 The Negative One The Negative One Cover Art

What, 27... this is from the new album the gray chapter and the devil I is higher on the list. well that's bull I think it's up there in the top ten or at least like fifteen or something. First album Joey jordison isn't in but I'll admit Jay Weinberg can slam some drums in this song. Corey Taylor's voice is amazing and badass lyrics and the fact the he can sing complex words in this song makes it just even more awesome and the intro from Mick Thompson and Jim Root is bad ass and throughout the song the guitar riff is amazing. I'm not gonna lie though none of their songs are better than psychosocial the intro to that was the best guitar riff, drums, everything.

I absolutely love this song when I first got it I listened to it everywhere all the time. One of the heaviest songs they have put out so far. I love the Guitar parts but my favorite is Sid Wilson putting out sounds that sound like they belong in a horror movie. It is chaos at its finest and also the first slipknot song I had. I listen to it before every single footnalll game and it makes me just want to straight up murder someone on the other team.

My favourite Slipknot song. Heavy, fast, filled with awesome riffs, awesome bridge and the ‘I hope you live, to see the day, where your world goes up in flames’ part has probably one of my favourite parts in any slipknot song. Clown and Chris’s toms fit sooo well with the guitar riff it’s insane and makes it sound so heavy. Awesome song

I think this song is so amazing and should be a lot higher. This song shows slipknot at its best with amazing riffs by Mick and Jim, amazing vocals by Corey, insane drumming by Jay, and lots of amazing scratching and sound effects from Sid. Everyone was amazing in the song and I've gotten headaches from headbanging to much to it!

21 Vermilion Pt. 2 Vermilion Pt. 2 Cover Art

Incredible! The vocals in this song as amazing! I love they can change from heavy and do tat amazing

This is the best band ever, in my opion at least. However, of all the perfection that makes up this band, Vermilion pt. 2 has to be my favorite, tied only to Pulse of the Maggots.

Emotional. Its relaxing. The way the upper vocals overlap the lower vocals is simply amazing

This is such a touching song. One of the most touching songs of this band, and one of the most meaningful, not the best, but it is better than some songs in the top 10.
I really love it thit

22 The Blister Exists The Blister Exists Cover Art

Whenever I get new earphones or headphones or any listening gear, I paly this song to judge them and when it says "can you feel this? " If I like it then I am keeping it,if not I am returning it. Simple.

Come on guys! How can this not be in the top 10? Their live concerts of this song are AMAZING! Their headbanging just sends a jolt of energy through u! The playing is awesome too! Defineteli a top 10! Coreys vocals are great hear too!

This song gets you insane, head banging all around your room... This has to be the best one out there...

Why the hell this is number 17 should be in the top five amazing energy, cool riff, great vocal, etc...

23 Killpop Killpop Cover Art

Very original song, contrasts melody and aggressivity, translates the lyrics in the best way. One of the best compositions of Slipknot.

If you read Snuff reviews then you know it helped the sadness I felt from a harsh breakup. This helped with my harsh feelings I felt. It was a real release.

There isn't much I like on the new album, mainly because I think slipknot lost identity, it sounds good, but not like them, however, this song really stuck out to me, and I have to say oddly enough, is my favorite song on the album. The lyrics are very dark and have a the feel of and atmosphere of their debut album or Iowa, I literally can't stop playing this over and over. One of slipknots best songs for sure

Not so fond of the new album, the style just doesn't mesh with me (I blame on this joey's departure) but this is not only one of the albums best songs, but definitely one of slipknot's best songs period! This song really reminds of their debut album due to it's dark and creepy feel, and slipknot once again show how great they are at balads without having to maje them be all sappy. Amazing song, very unique as well

24 Pulse of the Maggots Pulse of the Maggots Cover Art

This song should be much, MUCH higher than 15. This might as well be Slipknot's anthem. It's like Undead for Hollywood Undead or Sick Of You for GWAR. This is my favourite song off of Vol.3 and deservingly so. This has one of Slipknot's best guitar solos. Beaten on by a handful of handful, I unfortunately mean like 7 or 8.

You're kidding me right? 2% of votes for this song? This is definitely my favorite, especially the verse that starts after that guitar solo. It's just so energetic! Love this song and Slipknot!

20? Bump it up, this is even better than I thought it would be. I had really high expectations, too,

This song amazing. It connects with you in a different way. Slipknot is just amazing

25 Purity Purity Cover Art

Put me in a homemade cellar, put me in a hole for shelter. This song has so much meaning. It's about Corey reading a story about a girl being buried alive while being trapped in a box.

Hands down, one of my favorite slipknot songs, you wont regret taking the time to listen to this one. Definitely in my top 5 songs. Seriously.

This song deserves more... It has to be on top 10! This one kills every body's ears, the lyrics is beyond the eternity cause this song is purity!

I think that it's easy to see with this only being at number 40 is that Slipknot have too many awesome songs! Brilliant band!

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