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41 Skin Ticket

72nd? Where are the REAL MAGGOTS!? This, purity, eyeless, gently, and left behind are my personal faves, but 72nd? Wow... SKIN TICKET for TOP 10! Come on maggots! Show skin ticket some love

This is one of the angriest songs I've ever heard, DEFINITELY deserves a lot more credit

This one song describes the Iowa album perfectly. It strikes true fear while listening to it, and makes me just feel angry. I can't scream along with it, because it makes me feel like I am ruining this song's beauty.

"Keeping myself alive, through your EMPATHY! " I love that part. - NikBrusk

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42 Gently

WHAT? Gently not even in the list, this song should be in in top 20 AT LEAST, what my fellow maggots forgot about how great the song is. There are two versions and both are good enough, IOWA version is real kick ass, but MFKR version, man its an epic

U can't call this song Nu-metal, Should be in the to 10,

43 The Virus of Life

I feel like most thought this song was an instrumental piece or something. It is one of their creepiest songs.

Feels like you're inside the mind of a serial killer/rapist... But in a good way. Great riff in the prechorus and really catchy. BRING ME TO MY KNEES!

44 Get This

Who ever didn't put this in the top ten

Suck these nuts

I can't help singing along to this song, it's fast paced and badass. Should be in at least the top 20.

What the guy below this said.

45 Skeptic

I love this song and its lyrics. I wish it were higher on the list.

Such a good song about a great bassist!

47? This song is so much better then 47th...

Great song!

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46 Wherein Lies Continue

One of the most underrated songs in existence.

Way way better than before I forget, just listen to it, you'll see why I voted this awesome song!
By the way psychosocial still their best song

Perfect chorus One of the best vocals ever... I wont control or restrain things I do not understand... Pefect for me it can beat also psychosocial I'm nto sure but I think it can burt sure songs like eyless people=shit are nothing to this song

47 Danger - Keep Away

This is one of my favorite songs... It has a nice rhythm... It should have been in the top 20 at least

Beautiful. Always helps when I'm down

48 Opium of the People

Amazing, it is so energetic and fist pumpingly brilliant

Quite underrated/unknown song but pure awesomeness. Vocals are amazing! - BeeBlue

It say the thuth

Great drum play... make me wanna be drummer and play this song until like joey :D

49 The Shape

Most underrated song I love this song, although I never see them play it live =/

This song is awesome and horribly underrated.

One of the best songs off of Iowa, and certainly overlooked in this list.

The part at 2:14 is easily the best thing slipknot have ever done

50 Nomadic

The album is a real masterpiece so it's very hard to choose a best song. But I guess Nomadic takes the cake. Insane intro, brilliant bridge to what may be Slipknot's most haunting chorus, and finally the memorable. All in all, a great track that is seriously under-heard, because if it were heard by so many people, it would be in the top 10-15 at least and not be rotting here at 83rd.

54?!? Really? Show this song the love it deserves!

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51 Circle

I never come this site again... I have no enough time to listen songs. So I came this site and check top ten songs and listen them. But one day I accidentally hear this song in Sri Lankan radio station. It's so emotional. After I become a metal fan...5 years I missed this song. So now I found slipknot BEST SONG... !

Come on guys! This song makes me cry! This would be in the top, I don't say first but nearly. Think about that please

Are you serious?!? This song deserves way more than 88!

Circle ranks 60? Kidding me? SlipKnot is right: people= s*** !

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52 Eeyore

heaviest song by the heaviest band in the earth - zobaer

For those who said Slipknot doesn't have impressive guitar work.

It's so deep. , the story behind it is amazing

53 Killers are Quiet

MKFR - Killers are quiet like the breath of the wind.
Awesome bass, moody lyrics & a tempo that builds and builds.

54 Execute

I love the lyrics... - dieghe98

55 Override

The song flows so beautifully, the chorus is just amazing... in my opinion the most underrated ong of Slipknot.

56 Metabolic

This is what I call heavy. Corey has in my opinion his best studio screams on this song. It also has one of the most heaviest riff what I have ever heard. Too bad this song is not noticed even by fans ;_;

Word for word, this song has more concentrated emotion than any other, Corey Taylor even said it was his favorite. It tells Corey's story better than most, if not all songs by Slipknot. That, coupled with stupendous musicality and vocal prowess makes Metabolic the greates and most underrated of Slipknot songs.

This is one of their best songs. Iowa is clearly the best and most heaviest album. Especially this song.. Absolutly incredible. You can tell who's a real fan of Slipknot by their album knowledge...


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57 New Abortion

New Abortion is here? Come on people, this is one of the heaviest slipknot�'s songs ever, is top 10 at least!

How is this not in the top ten? Are you people to busy with the new album to remember their BEST era?

So underrated but definitely one of my favorites

I got a new abortion the other day

58 This Cold Black

What has this world come to? If you're a true Slipknot fan you would know that this is one of their best songs. It is said to be the heaviest song on All Hope is Gone. The lyrics, vocals and guitar work are amazing! This Cold Black and The Blister Exists are my favorite Slipknot songs! If you haven't heard this song yet listen to it! It will make you headbang for sure.

This Cold Black = This top ten

Great Song, very Heavy!

This is not their harderst on AHIG ITS BY FAR ALL HOPE IS GONE THE song itself you shelf

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59 Goodbye

I'm literally crying at the fact this song is 76.

So deep and sad... it should be more higher

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60 Carve
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