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81 Tattered & Torn


If you are a true maggot you will understand what this means

This is slipknot's worst song SO OVERRATED I don't understand how people like it

How isn't this in the top 10? This is one of the greatest Slipknot songs there is.

82 Gehenna

I love that heavy doom/gothic sound

This is a totally dark, brooding song that seemingly could only be dreamed up by a bunch of complete psychopaths. "You were designed for my punishment"


Honestly my favourite slipknot song,the solo is so sick - the_ddd

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83 Child of Burning Time

Very very very underrated, this album drove so many people away because it wasn't as popular. People need to listen to the songs and find out for themselves. If this had been on Iowa it would be in the top 20

This song his achely good

This is my current favorite slipknot song I'm suprised how underrated it is with such dynamite vocals

Are you kidding? - Amirjdog

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84 Scream

One of best songs, top 5 in my opinion..
Come on people, lets get it higher

Why is this song down here... As soon as I hear the opening drumbeat start up, my blood pressure escalates. I have grip makes permanently forged into my steering wheel because of this song. This needs more votes pronto!

Can't believe this is so low. Really, it's one of the best songs in the third album and it has a similar sound to the first album, which is the best I think. Savage drumming, brutal lyrics and rhythm and a mind-blowing chorus.
At least, AT LEAST, top 20, really. Masterpiece.

This is easily Top 15, LIKE come on

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85 Til We Die (Outro)

This song deserves a higher rank. Period.

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86 (515)

I'm not even sure this is a song (considering it doesn't have any instruments in it), but it still represents how dark the Iowa period was.

This is a cry/scream of Corey's pain he felt when his grandfather died

Slipknot rule but this, this is just a horrible song

Sid Wilson Does the Lyrics not Corey Taylor. Sid Keeps saying Death because his Grandfather Died. If you watch the Iowa Movie(Dno what its really called). You will see.

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87 Frail Limb Nursery
88 Butcher's Hook

Rank this in top 5

This song is so underrated it shouldn't be 44

O91?! :|
This is awesome! - Amirjdog

89 Prosthetics

Dammit man, this song being so low is a mistake

Are you kidding me, this is the best song ever. It's starts off really creepy, then really gets going'. It's a masterpiece. How is it 28th. #1

Why the hell is this so low -.-?

The only song that's keeps me up at night, still creeps me out to this day. Incredible song writing

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90 Some Feel
91 XIX

Awesome and unique intro to an album... Shows the musical talent Slipknot have! Plus its creepy, which I think is totally amazing.

EXTREME QUESTION MARKS? So wait? A song made with but one word "death" and a 15 minute son made of screams (Iowa) ranked above this masterpiece?

HOW CAN THIS POSSIBLY BE LEAST, it's not an intro in my opinion it's a great song and it deserves to be in the top 10


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92 If Rain is What You Want

This is the darkest and most emotional song of the band and do not in top 20? What the hell is going on here?! I love the lyrics, but specially the riffs in the song. They are so dark and so meaningful. Ahh come on guys this song has to be in top 10..

"Close your eyes" and disappear into this atmospheric work of art. You can feel the hurt and pain through Corey's vocals. Absolutely amazing. So powerful

A really good song should be in top 20 if not even top 10

Most dramatic song ever. 'enough said. - theNightKiller

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93 Drum Solo

This song made me love Joey. It never fails to amaze me, no matter how many times I hear it. It's astonishing how fast he can play and make it look so easy.

94 The Fight Song

This is a great remix Joey did of a Marilyn Manson song.

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