This should be way higher than it is. Honestly my favorite song from Slipknot, filled with passion and emotion. This song is so emotional and deep, and being the last song the band wrote with bass player Paul Gray before he passed away it makes it that much more emotional. You can feel a real sense of pain in this song, which is hard to find today and I think ultimately it should be higher up in the rankings.

I honestly don't like Slipknot, but this song is just otherworldly. A song that perfectly resembles betrayal, with the confused feeling of feeling of love left after all that person has done. This shows that the band you would least expect has a strength in acoustic-esque ballads. I can't believe this isn't even in the top 3. "My own was banished long ago, it took the death of hope to let you go" then the instrumental break is honestly one of the most powerful moments in rock in the last few years. Shame on you all for not bumping this to number 1.

awsommmmmmee.. complytly diffrent song by SlipKnoT...!
and Snuff is One of the gratest songs Ive ever heard.. A story Based on the lead vocalist Corey... Lyrics, Vocals, music, melody and even the Music video is touching... Love the song very mush and I voted for this cz it deserverd to be alleast #2...! - skt

This is probably the heaviest of slipknot's songs, mentally, it may not be physically heavy, but when that second chorus hits and the instruments start building up for the solo, if your brain isn't nutting it's pants, than there is something wrong with you. This is definitely a slipknot song. They proove once again that they can make a song in the lower reaches as far as tempo goes, and make it purely Slipknot. No other group I know of could take a chance like this and knock it out of the park.

Are you guys insane! This is the best song of slipknot. Deeply heart touching... Psychosocial and before I forget are too much of hard metal... They don't deserve to be on the top of the list.

Can't believe slipknot made this song. Hats of to corey taylor. What a wonderful crystal clear voice. SLIPKNOT may you live forever.

How can it be this low? This is the best song ever. Come on people! It's snuff we are talking about. It gives me the feels and each verse reminds me of something different.

So if you love me lemme go.. Run away before I know.. MY heart is just too dark to care.. I can't destroy what isn' t there... AFTER THIS... One simply does not deserves a spot less than top 3... NO 5 FIE.. ! Slipknot forever... The depth of this song shames the mariana trench.. Such meaning can rarely be expressed trough the absolutely mind blowing lyrics... The bitter truth that shall save us all!

Amazing. Definitely deserves a spot on this list. I believe that it deserves a higher spot than five (which is the current position as I am typing this) but there are some great songs on this list. Musical masterpiece.

This song is so amazing to me! It's something many can probably relate to in some shape or form. Corey is so good at making U feel the emotion in each and every song when he sings. Possibly none better example than Snuff.

Even though I love all of their old stuff, I have to say that this is their very best song.
I never heard a song that's as intense as Snuff is. The music video is also impressive and deep.
Best song by SlipKnoT
Snuff said :-)

It's fun when people first listen to Slipkot's Snuff, that's so soft, they try to listen to more Slipknot material and they got surprised because of their HEAVY (with capital letters) style. But heavy doesn't mean bad.
I listened to Snuff, and it was just the beginning of my long relation with Slipknot. It got me into true heavy metal with serious screaming and epic drums and riffs.
Today, I prefer HEAVY metal than soft stuff (which doesn't mean soft stuff is bad, it isn't). But, I have to say it's still my favourite. Not only because it was the first, but because it's also emotional, full of awesome sentences and lots of meanings. It's a tie between this and Before I Forget to me, but thanks to what this song means to me, must be the first.
Sorry for my bad English, I tried to do it as good as possible.

! This song is amazing! I'm not a heavy metal girl so I guess that's why I LOVED Snuff but I didn't like the others. And that guy is scary, jesus! But SNuff is like the most beautiful song ever! It makes me cry all the time.

This song has so much emotion in it and you can really see it when Corey plays it live. I've seen videos where Corey played it as a tribute to Paul Gray and broke down at the end of it. So much emotion.R.I. P Paul Gray

Don't know why this is not in the top 3 talk about going out of the box who expected this from slipknot and me being such a huge fun it has to be up the with psychosocial before I forget ain't all that

What is wrong with you people?! I admit that to most Slipknot fans a song like Snuff wouldn't be the best, but just a paltry 5th? This song easily deserves to be in the top three if not, as per me, be the best.

I was between this and Psychosocial, as many I've seen before, but at the end I chose this, it's really deep and beautiful for me, I loved it since the first time.

Amazing song this kills the stereotype that slipknot just scream all the time which is wrong and some people even say their not talented this song makes them eat their words!

This will always be my favorite Slipknot song. I'm not into such hardcore rock such as their usual stuff, but this song clearly shows how awesome this band is. Snuff said :D

When I listen to that song the first time, I told myself something like wtf! Thats not Slipknot! But after listening it again and again, it became one of my favs.

Totally off their original style, yet equally interesting and amazing! Awesome song, awesome lyrics by an awesome band! Just love it..!

Best song in the world... Nothing on earth can tell you how life is as slipknot went and did in that song. If you still care don't ever let me know... Wonderful

This song got me into Slipknot. Pretty much proves that Corey Taylor is undoubtedly one of the most versatile and talented musicians of all time. - CrimsonShark

Snuff is the GREATEST song in the entire world. It sounds so awesome! Its just so smooth and wonderful laugh out loud I never said wonderful before

Simply the saddest song ever. No words can describe it. I'm not that much into slipknot, but this song... Amazing.