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Sly Cooper Sly Cooper is the title character of the Sly Cooper video game series, developed by Sucker Punch Productions and Sanzaru Games for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita consoles.

He's the main guy for a reason. Sly's funny and his character is very unique. One of the best protagonists created in gaming. Sly comes from a long line of thieves and he certainly does them justice. He has the moves, the stealth, and the luck to get the job done.

He would be the best even if he wasn't the main character

Sly is similar to me though I'm more violent

Sly like me too just less handsome


The brains of the Cooper Gang and certainly an awesome character. His skill set is very diverse and he's a genius to the extreme. Sly would be in jail or worse if it wasn't for this turtle. He is the main behind the curtain when it comes to the Cooper Gang. Sure he can't do some of the fancy things that Sly can do but Bentley's ability to plan is integral to the Cooper Gang.

Where would the Cooper Gang be today without this guy?

Wouldn't accomplish missions without him

Without him, the Cooper Gang would be lost.

Dimitri Lousteau

One of the funniest characters in the entire series. His theme was awesome and so were his lines. He was a nice addition to the team and it's great to see that he'll be in Sly 4. He's got the juice, the bling and most importantly the greasy sweet. Do you?

This guy is hysterical

Juice! Everything he says is hillarious



He's the brawn, plain and simple. Don't underestimate the power of THE MURAAY. Murray always has something funny to say if he's not bashing skulls or driving the van.

Cookin some curry, vision blurry, it's THE MURRAY!


The arch nemesis of the entire Cooper family. His hatred for the Coopers kept him alive for thousands of years. Not to mention that he killed Sly's father and was the mastermind behind the sinister plans of the Fiendish Five. He will most likely return in Thieves in Time. Clockwerk is just pure evil.

The most intimidating character in the series, Clockwerk has kept himself alive for thousands of years because of his jealousy and hat toward the Cooper clan. Everything he says is amazing, and his voice is just epic. I will never forgive Neyla for screwing his voice up!

He's the only villain in the whole series that I would
Be intimidated by, plus he looks bad ass

Clockwerk is best Cooper villain

Inspector Carmelita Montoya Fox

A major antagonist to the thieving ways of the Cooper Gang but also Sly's love interest. She's saved Sly's rear many times when it mattered most. It will be interesting to see her role in the next game given the end of Sly 3.

She's a cop but we love her despite that


Muggshot is an underrated character. He is very unique and has a good and very relatable backstory. His stupidity makes him very funny and entertaining. Not to mention he was the focus of (in my opinion) the best mission in Sly 3. Also, he walks with his hands. Give him credit for that.
-"You know that Thingus Raccomagoocus had a lot of nice pictures but WAY too many big words! "

"What?! My boys have been yappin' about some big mysterious dude runnin' around crackin' skull and... this is it? You're the monkey wrench in my operation? Some scrawny rat with a stick! "

Panda King

The master of Flame Fu and one of the original members of the Fiendish Five. The Panda King is a pretty complex character. He ends up becoming part of the Cooper Gang despite helping to take out Sly's dad. His help to Sly and the gang end up redeeming some the evil deeds he had done.

This guy's flat out awesome! From his memorable deep voice, even more memorable lines: "Insolent Child! You shall pay dearly for your disrespect! " "Booming Chop! " "Palms of Thundah! " "Firey Wheel! ", and his cool attacks.

Awesome and unintentionally funny!

Sir Raleigh
Jean Bison

Jean Bison is a red bull. His boss battle is unquie out of all the bosses in sly 2 you play as bentley and you use fire,logs,and saws. His wepanos are his horns and dynamite.

His backstory is that he tried to strike it rich during the gold rush in 1852 he took some chances and blew up a side of a mountian and ended up frozen and 120 years later thanks to gobal warming he thawed out. His colckwerk parts were the lungs,sotmach, qnd talons

Strong and frozen. I don't know what he is

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Tennessee Kid Cooper

I think he is so funny and even Carmelita liked him...

He's The Hotshot Of Cooper History. And He's Funny Too!


Watch sly 2 band of thieves walkthrough episode 13 by super sayian paul. PLEASE LISTEN! The Murray vs. Rajan fight, Rajan BODIES MURRAY in that video on Paul's first fight against him. The video made me laugh, Rajan impales Murray to defeat him when he tries to bellyflop him.

General Tsao

By far the most disrespectful, arrogant, sexist and offensive character in the entire series.

The Contessa
Constable Neyla

The surprise villain of Sly 2. Neyla betrayed everyone that she came into contact with. She wanted to use the power of Clockwerk's body to become immortal and she nearly did. She was quite the cunning villain and really stands out along with Clockwerk.

Mz. Ruby

The RC expert of the group and Bentley's current partner and girlfriend. She's very smart and her missions were a lot of fun to play. She will almost certainly be in Thieves in Time.

I hate that she became a bad guy in the fourth game

Doctor M

He was originally the brains of Connor Cooper's gang. He felt like a sidekick to Sly's dad and left to find the Cooper fortune on his own. His abilities and intelligence made for a formidable foe to Sly and the gang. His hatred of the Cooper Clan is second only to Clockwerk. His greed eventually led to his own demise.

Rioichi Cooper

Dude he's a ninja what's not to love.

Sir Galleth Cooper
Miss Decibel
El Jefe

His boss battle was great! I really enjoyed his backstory too. He is as agile as Sly is and I loved when he broke the fourth wall!


He's a gun-slinging sheriff, and the only villain to capture one of Sly's ancestor's and take in some extra credit: Stealing all of the gold, and blaming it on Tennessee Kid Cooper.

Bob Cooper
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