Blackberry is so different, it feels so good when I touch this.. They really Research In Motion, so any key pressed is so harmonious.. Hard to explain but I like the feel of how this phone built the software. I actually love the BB10 OS much more than android, promised to not use blackberry anymore because of its changing OS. But when I try blackberry aurora, I could tell that it is worth.. I still love the blackberry...

This brand shows its royalty with its high quality & special designs since beginning. BlackBerry will always be at top of the listings for those who used it for sure.

Yeah I'm getting the new bold 9900. It looks amazing for bbm and playing games and things. The iPhone would be second for me.

BlackBerry hardware is superb and software also all of this very special, BlackBerry name is enough

People are denying BlackBerry only for cost of internet plans. Otherwise BlackBerry is the Best.

Unfortunately I have no blackberry smartphone but I am very good fan of blackberry smartphone

Best of the mobile phones I've ever seen, no lags but smooth experience, I move on to blackberry since my android phones is lagging. So I like it, very impressive but I hope they plan to put Google play store on Blacberry 10 devices. So Lets make it to the top!

One of the best brand ever seen...! My first and last phone is a blackberry

Black berry always professional phone no one can compare with it

I use blackberry mobile I'm so happy...

Because this is faster and different from others

Blackberry is not a nice choice if they don't have an android smartphone.

In my opinion this Brand is special and is for special persons

Awesome experience with blackberry

The only legitimate smartphone.

Blackberry is the best. I never change my phone

BlackBerry is the unique one obviously this brand has to be in number 1 ranking only thing is this doesn't have malware apps like Google and apple is not unique but its good Blackberry sinks very fast cannot be trackable by common people even by service provider he has to take an help from BleckBerry Registered.

Blackberry is best in past, in present and also be best in future.

What ever brand or options it may be Always Blackberry rocks...

So guys don't simply comment on blackberry they have the unique software no others have this so other brands be careful with CEO brand.

I have a Note II and honestly I think BlackBerry's much better than Samsung/Apple/etc.

The black berry phone are made with high quality material and the blink light is awesome. Try the new bb z30. The world of awesome experience. Black berry was the worlds best smart phones ever made. Before 2006 the worlds political leaders used black berry

I think the blackberry is cool but the samsung is the best because the blackberry always gives you problems!

Iam requesting to blackberry company to invent more blackberry smartphones and to release to India especially for chennai

Blackberry iS A ChiCk MagneT 2 owNers! TruSt mE because it's A tRuth/SecreT laDieS love it oR get attrRacted 2 iT