It's actually the 2nd best smartphone brands isn't it? Because it deserves it!

Huawei is very better than Samsung and apple Smartphone.

Why is huawei in last few.. Huawei's top ends beat htc and even samsung by giving budget phones with extraordinary performance

I think it better than other phones

Huawei is a best smartphone brand

No doubt... Huawei is making great phones and now in budget. The camera quality is satisfying and the chipset they are using is very good it drains the battery in a very optimized way. This provides a good battery life. And the dual camera setup is making a great difference. It takes photography to next level. Huawei UI is best and the camera modes are awesome, it gives you access to pro photography.

I can't even believe that the position of huawei is below micromax in India.

It's awesome it's the second best after samsung...Huawei should be in the top 5

Its cheap but its of a good quality, I can say its close to HTC even Samsung

Is this a joke huawei should be among top 10

If you owned a Huawei device before, you'd surely have voted this.

It is the best mobile maker company

It's a best brand right now for its new innovate new model p9

Its very nice and good as its price also affordable.

The best smartphone I've ever got. Mate 7, better then iPhone and Samsung..

This is the third best phone number one is Nokia and second is samsung

I think it should take 4th because this company is one of the best

One of the best mobile company in youth generation world

I've done an assignment all about his company and it's smartphones and in my opinion Huawei should be in the top 3 after Apple (1) and Samsung (2). This product has got what it takes to be the best smartphone their is.

I think huawei should be the top 3

It should be under top5, for me Huawei is in Top4 or Top3

This is better than micromax but not than asus

I have honor holly with amazing experience

Huawei have low price with good quality

Well it so great everything was great