Motorola is one of the most brilliant phone manufacturers ever, despite the fact that it was the first to make a cellphone, it is awesome how they come with new ideas and mix them with our daily uses in a very affordable price

Bottom line if were to choose I would place motorola at the very top

I've had multiple phones and so has my family. The Motorola brand is non expensive unlike Apple and Samsung. You could buy a phone that is amazing for up to $500 or more. Or you could get a phone that has all the same features for half price.

Motorola is definitely the best smartphone brand out there, they were one of the first mobile phone companies and they know how to get it done!

Motorola is highly underrated, this is always better than the apple. And as for Samsung, where do I start, at least Motorola phones don't combust randomly

It had been the best, but since that Lenovo took over it, it's innovation has stopped. Get free from Lenovo Motorola... Go back to the top

Just like it because its very cheap and gives a lot of features as compared to Apple,Samsung,HTC etc...

They make very trustworthy phones, that's all I'll say for now.

Motorola is the only smartphone I have used - and I love it!

Motorola is the best smartphone brand ever

It's a great smartphone that gives pure android experience than most of the phones. More features like Touchless controls like that etc in Moto x 2nd gen. It also give a lot of opportunities in customizing that device in more than 2000 ways. Any way MOTOROLA is the one of best smartphone manufactures in the world other than they are the creators of wireless phones

They are really innovative and give value for money experience

Best quality in cheaper rate it is also a rising company

The best sound in only motorola

Motorola once ruled the phones market and in future it will rule it once more

Not at all hangs it is an internal battery phone

Very good mobile phones this brand has

Always better brand... I LOVE MOTOROLA

Decent quality and performance in motorola devices

MOTOROLA is innovating brand of next generation. It introduced new technology to the world

Awesome with update fetchers in good price

I am using always Motorola phones, I love it very much. It is smoother than other brands. I love the shop flash, twist camera and one nav button. Motorola go for it...

Motorola is the best company ever

MOTOROLA is a best smartphone brand. It always introduced new technology to the world and next generation. MOTOROLA is my favourite cellphone brand.

Best brand in cheapness but the quality is medium.

I'm using moto e and it performs better than a smartphone of double its price. Never had any issues. Loving moto. Thanks to Google too.