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21 ZTE

Come on guys these growing companies can achieve great potential in the Smartphone market today. ZTE devices offer great value for money that can be very competitive in the market today. I do belive they are going to step up their game soon to beat the Big manufacturers like Sam-Plastic and Pineapple!

I just got one today so far great phone cheap to

I believe it's a good phone for a reasonable cost

Its very beautiful product
Awesome, fabulous company

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22 Panasonic Panasonic

Best phone. Great battery. Camera super

I am also use smartphone of this company its very cool and biliveable brand.

Best smartphone's ever

I think Panasonic smartphone is very... Good
And its brand is better than Apple,smasung
And smart price range is tooo good for all users

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23 Vivo

The vest phone it is like an super phone

Nice looking phone and nice mobile device

Man vivo is really awesome just their smartphones and you will gonna realize..

Best smartohone ever

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24 OnePlus

Should be in the top ten. Amazingly classy phone.

Oneplus one absolute killer

Great design with high performance of all function, option, and material!

Better than most of the phones from the
top ten.

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25 Lava

Lava is the best battery live giving company because the battery life in lava phones its just amazing

Best quality brand Lava mobile phone

Lava phones are rally good...

What a phone yar

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26 O+

For me it's the best. Moves without a touch that's it's motto. Fast and awesome alerts notifications. No doubt for me it's the best

O+ 360 HD is cheapest but good quality android phone here in the Philippines. Very great HD display - Rayray

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27 LeEco

Best Phones Ever


Awaesome phone

I have LeEco le2 and it's really a Superphone...
The first phone which have CDLA technology...
LeEco phones performance are amazing
Try New LeEco le pro3, It's better than Xiaomi and Oneplus
Best in Look and performance and a reliable brand
I just Loved this phone
It is the future of Android phones
And it's T.V.'s are also fantastic
LeEco phones have quality and it is reliable also
Buy Now LeEco and live the future

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28 Coolpad

Cheap and awesome smartphone. Provide extraordinary features in their smartphone at unbelievable price.

Cheap but the most best smartphone

Cheap and features phone

Super phone

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29 Xolo

The xolo brand gives best ever smartphone under less money.

Best ever mobile in Indian brands

Xolo rocks. better than micromax


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30 QMobile

It's the one of the best brands and the best thing about it is that its smart phones like the new A950 etc are just like those of samsung but are a lot cheaper.

Cheapest but quality phone. NO one can deny this fact about this stunning product.

There is cheapest phones In premium Spec And there is good quality not bad

Yes very good phone it has been of 2016

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31 Meizu

Very good smartphone

Very good performance good for selfie, very fast data connection


Best smartphone has a lot of exciting specs.

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32 LYF

2 years of guarantee with Indian tag

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33 One Plus Two

Best flagship killer

Superb phone...



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34 Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Redmond, Washington, that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers and services.

I love Microsoft Lumia smartphone it's operating systems is awesome comparer with ios and android but Microsoft is windows os awesome I love this operating system

Lumia is lumia right no company win this brand

Lumia is lumia right no company win this brand

Just perfect...Microsoft rules

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35 Karbonn

Only look better not a variety Karbonn company

Its has many features at low cost

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36 Cherry Mobile

Good price and nice phone. The price is very cheap then the phone is look better than other. When I buy Cherry Mobile alpha view I like it scren is 6 inch and window phone and the price is 80 to 100 dollar

So great price and descent phone

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37 Infocus

A phone with good features and also in less prize

Infocus is best smartphone it price is low and features is very good

Please buy this it is good smart phone make infocus world best company


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38 Intex

Its touch screen I like very much than many branded mobile

This is a best quality phone

I love intex smartphone

Intex aqua power hd is very faltu

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39 Wiko

I chose this phone...I don't no why..

40 Acer Acer Acer Inc. is a Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics corporation specializing in advanced electronics technology and is headquartered in Xizhi, New Taipei City, Taiwan.

The best and affordable intel tablets

I'm not a fan of acer, but why acer at 57th place?

How about the acer smartphones? Should they be in the last place?

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