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41 GLX

The best of brands in the Iran I.R.I.

I love i

42 Kyocera
43 Infinix

ZERO 3 camera and performance is really superb. And it doesn't really expensive as Sony Xperia X.

How is this not at least top 40

44 Blu

A tiny, Florida-based phone maker that thinks it can beat Samsung

Great budget phone that more people need to know about, I have the vivo 6 and its amazing

Phones are from Brazil. Good money for the dollar. Highly recommend.

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45 G'Five

Best quality of others brand

Best oh in the world

46 Ninetology
47 Techo

Tecno have good battry capacity

Fulla paisa wasool phone

48 Sharp Sharp Sharp Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation that designs and manufactures electronic products, headquartered in Abeno-ku, Osaka.

Mars has two moons only!?

49 Bphone
50 O+ USA

One plus x is best

51 Zen Ultrafone
52 Celkon

It offers best phones at less price thou its flash gives out too much light

53 Bird
54 Amoi
55 Haier
56 iBall

Iball slide tablets are the best in the world... It is the best budget tab ever... I have 3G q7271 model of Iball Slide.. And have used it past 1 year and still now it works amazingly fast with no bugs or lags...
Hats off to this company...

I love it
Best tablets with lot of features at affordable price and unique design

57 BQ Mobiles

It is Best In the WOrld

58 Archos

It's good devices and its prices!

I think it should be in the top ten. archos 50 saphir gives you the best value for money

59 Myphone

Micromax yu

60 Brondi
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