I've been using the Mi5 for about 7-8 months and really like it. It has the same features and specs as any Apple or Samsung phone out there. The build quality is nice, has an out standing camera, a finger print scanner, and and IR blaster which most phones don't have. All that at half the price of an iPhone!

Dude xiaomi is the king of smartphones it deserves to be at least in the top 5 just take a look at what xiaomi offers at such a low price I bet u wont get a phone with the specs of an mi4 within 40k if it is by Samsung. Just think if people buy xiaomi instead of Samsung or apple jusy by looking at the name people buy xiaomi then so much of money would be saved

Xiaomi got all my criteria in picking smartphone, I was looking a phone that have great specs with a cheap price and also can compete in global standard quality. Xiaomi is unique among all brand of smartphone.

Xiaomi... The best smartphone of China.THE company was started in 2010 and since then it has been doing so well that it has become one of the best seller of China. The quality and configuration of phone is too good. It has been the 7th world brand to be bought by the people. The company has achieve a lot in this 5 years and its upcoming phones will be starrer and of course beat the other premium phones...

This brand should be included in top 7 companies.

Good but without headset and screen guards, otherwise simply super

The best phone ever for it price range!

Worst smartphone maker brand ever.

People come one lets vote for this brand its too good...

Nothing better than xiaomi at very affordable price with all features.

It's the best brand because rate is too low but specification is amazing

Seriously? Xiaomi is best brand for budget smartphone unlike other "popular" brand who try selling high cost smartphone with low cost hardware

Excellent design and specs, power battery, very good prices!

Come on guys vote for Xiaomi it's the only smartphone company that offers best features at a low price

The best smartphone with reasonable price. Love it.

Its provide best performance smartphone with the low price than other

The best actually (mi3 is gonna rock the industry! )

It's a very good brand and the phones are awesome

The best brand with high specs and low price

It give more features as they possible in lower price on compare to other brand phone.

Xiaomi is the one of flagship killer... It should be at top 5

I think xiaomi smart phone is the Give Best features other than smart phone.

Best value for money. Efficient budget phones with world class features and high end performance

They are best in all they concentrate on common peoples budget they will replace samsung from top

Same quality, experience, specs as samsung and apple at just half the price!