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1 Bullet with Butterfly Wings

Perfect. Billy Corgan crafts a masterpiece while trying to keep everything relatively simple. No intricate drum fills, no show-off riffs and a rather simple guitar solo. Just a rocking beat and badass lyrics about pure frustration to make the most awesome song ever!

Best Lyrics with rocking beat, deserves the first position... Really hit song.. l

Hands down top dog
Mellon Collie was my introduction to gigging, Wembley Arena

The world is a vampire

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2 1979

How can this not be number 1?!? 1979 is the epitome of Billy Corgan's musical talent considering how he created the song within a matter of hours...

It's really hard for me to have a favorite song, but when I just saw the music video on Mtv with it's beautiful everything- it was just amazing to hear it for the first time. The drum track, the bass line, the loops, the guitar, and then about 40 seconds into the song the the melody gets deeper and UGH IT IS AN AMAZING SONG. AND THE FKING MUSIC VIDEO IS JUST AMAZING. God. If there is one song that just sums up everything about high school- it's this song. No, its not Teenage Riot, or Smells Like Teen Sprit, or any of that stuff- IT IS THIS BEAUTIFUL SONG.

Nostagia at its best. 1979 is the single most beautiful and catchy song ever written by Corgan. Almost everything is perfect about this song. By almost, I mean that it is a little too short so I often find myself playing it 2 or 3 times in a row without actually getting enough of it. This song is certainly not characteristic of The Smashing Pumpkins which usually have a rougher edge to their songs but it is undeniably the greatest one they've ever written. People will listen to 1979 in 2079 or 2979 and it will still feel has fresh as it did upon its release over 20 years ago.

Has to be number 1 - Helveycole

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3 Mayonaise

Very tough call, but I'd have to say this is best SP song. Melodic and innovative with the broken guitar screeches. Great lyrics I'm sure all of us can relate to. Not too heavy, not too dark, but with plenty of meaning and soul. And fun to sing along and get into.

By far the best Smashing Pumpkins song. It's such a raw and emotional song that conveys such a feeling over you. The beginning is absolutely amazing as well. It starts off with an acoustic guitar solo kind of thing and then a huge wall of distortion and guitar comes in; it's beautiful. Everything that Billy's feeling when singing this, you can feel as well. A captivating and beautifully deep song.

This is an epic song! Everything in it it's just perfect in the beginning and in the end is soft but then goes aggressive and powerful kind of melancholic too but, the right timing, the exact rhythm and great lyric I mean it has everything and should be number 1 or at least 2 but not lower than that the kind of song that touches your soul...

Just gold. I bought this on vinyl today for $50 just to hear this song. Truely amazing and one of the greatest songs of all time. I like 1979 a lot, but this takes the smashed pumpkin cake...

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4 Today

What made pumpkins huge. Best intro ever. Song that reflects alienated early 90's teens.

This song is so amazing! It means a lot because it was the first song I learned on the guitar. Once I got it down, I had a magical feeling like no other. It means a lot, and it's a great song.

This was their first commercial success, and definitely the best song from Siamese Dream! I love the Smashing Pumpkins, and they are one of the reasons why I miss the 90s.

Number 3 for sure

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5 Tonight, Tonight

Say what you want - if you don't agree that this is one of the most beautiful songs ever you're not my friend anymore! The impressive intro is taking you to another music dimension... don't you just feel happy by listening to it?

Its just magic, beautiful, really one of the most brilliant and beautiful songs I ever heard, all the instruments together gives you chills, really this words are few to describe the magic of this song

This song should be number 1 this... This song is one of the greatest songs ever created don't believe me then listen to it I'm sure you will agree with me:))

Damn so damn good

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6 Cherub Rock

This is the first Pumpkins song I ever heard, and it's been my favorite song ever since. I personally think it's way better than Bullet With Butterfly Wings.

First Smashing Pumpkins song I've ever heard, my mind was blown away the first time I heard that heart-throbbing riff in the chorus. The fuzzy, uplifting, grunge sound to this song marks a new beginning in music at that time. What a song to open such a magnificent album. "Cherub Rock" is hands down their best song.

Mellon Collie is a great album and all, but I can't believe there's so much favoritism towards it over Siamese Dream. This was inarguably Corgan and company's greatest and most unique achievement, and Cherub Rock, though perhaps not as varied as some of the other tracks on the album, was a perfect opener.

Best opening song for an album after Around the World by Red Hot Chilli Peppers

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7 Zero

well this songs shows off all of corgan's powers: hate charisma, technique. just perfect should be number 1

Intensity and Anger make this song great. Beautiful guitar.

The angst and bridge makes it the best

Number 7? really, what's the matter with you guys.
Zero is everything smashing pumpkins is about.
emptiness is loneliness and loneliness is cleanliness and cleanliness is godliness and god is empty, just like me

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8 Disarm

Tonight, Tonight is my #1, but this is just so criminally low that I had to vote for it instead. How can you argue with anything in Disarm? One of the most beautiful songs ever committed to tape, and that's no exaggeration, methinks. The string section, Corgan's vocals, the acoustic guitar... Everything just comes together perfectly.

What the hell. Why is this not number one. I mean, this song is 500 times better than even 1979 and that's saying something. I could listen to this song non-stop for the rest of my life and never get sick of it. This song is just a drug, I need it and I need it every minute. 1979 may be their flagship song (which isn't number #1 either for some odd damn reason, instead Bullet With Butterfly Wings Is, which furthermore, compared to 1979, Today and this song, sucks some major crap *still good though, not saying it's bad*).

Love this one... It's my ringtone

Amazing song...loved it again when Neutral Milk hotel covered it and changed the lyrics to 2 headed boy.

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9 Soma

Sad not to see this closer to the top of the list. Without doubt this is Corgan's masterpiece, the greatest of all the great songs he wrote. In its ambition, its beauty, and its spine-tingling climax, this is surely the connoisseur's choice for best Smashing Pumpkins song ever. Magnificent. And the SOLO...

I have listen to this song about a thousand times, but I'will always be stunned by its perfection. Moreover, this song talks about loneliness, and that there is no real connection between two souls... Very dark, hopeless, and however, so powerful and vibrant! Every time I listen to this song "my belly stings"!

Awesome from start to finish. It goes in crescendo all the way, culminating in one of the most emotional solos of the decade and an impressive final chorus by Corgan. Filled with angst and pain but beautiful enough to enthrall.

Goosebumps from beginning to end. mindblowing stuff

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10 Geek U.S.A.

It's like two songs in one, the beginning being a hard rock song and the ending being an epic climax to the song. My number one.

A fast energy-filled psychedelic punk song with well written lyrics and even better written guitar parts and drums.

i love all the different solos could listen to it all day - potatoeman

Top 10. Agreed on live versions

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11 Rhinoceros

So underrated.. But the toon is just something that can be stuck in your head all day. It's beautiful and this needs to be up higher!

She knows, she knows, she knows. Love this song.

The Bass in the intro and the breakdown after the bridge are so good.

Can't get this song out of my head. So amazing.

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12 Hummer

Begins with a weird sitar-sound and has a riff that sounds nostalgic to the sitar sound and then an incredible solo (which I think is even better than the one from "Cherub Rock") and then an instrumental guitar outro with a lot of delay that makes me imagine someone who's stranded on a raft in the middle of a sea, but they're happy and smiling because they're never gonna be harassed by people again. Definitely my favorite song after "1979."

In my opinion this is gotta be in the top 5. Billy Corgan has said this song was about his life and I believe it should be higher. What a great song. I can relate to it also.

This song is epic with a great intra into a very hard rocking part of the song then ending with a soft finish. Very unique in its structure with great guitar and drums. This is my favorite Pumpkins song after all these years.

One of the greatest "'classic format" rock songs ever. Seriously.
Great open, blows you away in the middle, tight end. 3 minutes long. Perfect!

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13 X.Y.U.

The only other song I can think of that hits as hard as this is Hole's - I Think That I Would Die. Pure rage packaged into 7 minutes.

Live versions are awesome, usually finales of concerts 96-97

"And in the eyes of the jackal, I say KABOOM! " - cjWriter1997

14 Thru the Eyes of Ruby

One of their best...should be higher.

So underrated that it's criminal. This song has everything you want in a song. It summarizes the boldness and musical ambition of Mellon Collie perfectly.

Simply definition of perfectness.

Every time I met someone who loves SP from the beginings there is a consensus around the Ruby and Soma: the best 2

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15 Drown

It's not in the top 10 because it was on the Singles soundtrack so it's not "pure" or some such. I love this song and can listen to it over and over still 20 years after I first heard it.

How on God's green Earth is this not at least in the top ten?

Too low on this list. I absolutely love Today, Zero, Disarm, and Cherub Rock but history one should be higher (like 6/7 place)

Best opening riff ever

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16 Stand Inside Your Love

Definitely deserves to be higher. Such a great song about love.

True, deserves a much higher place. This is such a beautiful song. Personally my number 1.

Great song with too low rating... It should be in top 5

It's such a great song. Also my number 1.

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17 Bodies

Bodies is a close second for me. Jimmy just drives this song from start to finish in the way that only he can.

Honestly, I prefer "Bullets...", but I voted for "Bodies" because it was too good to be this low!

Who rates these songs? This song should be top 5 at least

Hard to decide a favorite...but I had to vote for Bodies; it deserves much better than 39th. It's not a single, so it's really just a hidden gem for all the real fans.

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18 I Am One

One of the originals, top 5

19 Perfect

Underrated... And a really cute song if in the right mood

I think the music fits the lyrics perfectly.

The title say all.

This song is just... perfect.

20 Whir
21 Ava Adore

This songs deserves at least one comment, no? What a fantastic start, what a great rhythm! One of my favorite musics ever made!

Should be higher very good song and award winning music video!

How is this so far down!, awesome song gives me chills

Just amazing. Simply amazing song.

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22 Porcelina of the Vast Oceans

When this song comes on, I want nothing to disturb the experience of the journey it takes me on.

Honestly breathtaking. The top 10 combined aren't anything to this masterpiece in my opinion.

Epic song, top 10

An epic journey of a song!

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23 Bury Me

Gish is one of the best albums ever made, ever song on it is Hall of Fame material

24 Muzzle

Brilliant lyrics. Ahead of his time. Top 3 for me.

I love this song!

Best song ever write by billy, should be on the top ten!
This sond reflect his pain, his poetry and his vision of the world!

25 Siva

What? One of the best songs absolutely.

This song is awesome it should be ranked a lot higher than 62 - Imreallyboredrightnow

Sabbath influence and has some killer lead fills

The absolute best of their early sound

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26 Galapogos

How is this 18th in the list. Has to be at least in the top 10, one of their best songs hands down.

18th is just an insult to this song, one of their best

Lyrics are just perfect

While Mayonaise is my favorite Smashing Pumpkins song, this defenetly needs to be higher. One of the most beautiful song ever written

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27 F*** You (An Ode to No One)

Needs to be way higher! One of the most blood pumping Pumpkins songs ever. - cjWriter1997

28 Starla

Though this one's not my very favourite, I am always thinking about Billy's Solo at the 1993 Metro, Chicago Siamese Dream Release Concert. Absolutely stunning and in general one of their best!

Possibly the best song ever made. Belongs on the soundtrack of the Universe

29 Landslide

The song is very great!
It's the song with the most feeling

Covered by Fleetwood Mac, this song is beautiful.

Wrong. Fleetwood Mac song covered by The Pumpkins of course. But great cover! - Agent_Cooper

30 Snail

How is Snail not even on this list? The last minute of that song is true awesomeness.

Should be ranked higher - Imreallyboredrightnow

31 Thirty-Three

Seriously?! This song is second-to-last on the list?! It's such a beautiful song, how can people not appreciate it?

I was not expecting this! Deserves number ten at the very least, absolutely beautiful peaceful song that is great to listen to in bed at night time - wolphert

To me, it's not even close. It's a shame it's so low on this list.

This is crazy this song is this low, this is top 5 easy in my book.

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32 Quiet

That incredible solo! That riff! The screaming vocals live! It made me pick up the guitar back in the days and made me a definite Pumpkins fan. One of their best, albeit on their out-of-this world album Siamese Dream, it ain't easy to call it their absolute best. If you love this, check out the Vieuphoria live video on YouTube of Quiet!

You gotta love that bass. Best Pumpkins song ever!

33 Rocket

#30? Are you kidding me? Every time I hear the VERY beginning of this song I am excited. The whole song is solid and I feel it is one of their harder songs. And the video is fun too.

The guitar walks up & down my spine until I can't stop shivering, then hits me with the finishing move near the end there.

My favourite, great lyrics and melody, should definitely be higher. The guitar riffs and fills get me every time!

This is my Signature Pumkins song, lovely progressive track. This + Soma should at least be under the top 3 songs.

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34 By Starlight
35 Luna

Come on, this music is perfect, lets put it higher

I'm in love with a girl named Luna... and I love this song

36 Love
37 Tristessa

How is this not on the list? - Kilopoppy

38 Tales of a Scorched Earth

Wut? No one has added this song to this list yet? How can this be? THis is like the Pumpkins' most hardcore song ever. Silly foolish people not voting for the most hardcore Pumpkins song ever.

39 Here Is No Why

I can't believe this is so low on the list. I personally thing this is their best song.

Such an underrated song!

Best song no doubt. Sitting in between Jellybelly and Zero on the album, it seems to be missed by many. If was given a chance, would be loved by everyone. Try this song. You're still looking for a reason

40 Where Boys Fear to Tread

Better than tarantula

41 Dross

Awesome songs from Machina II

42 Doomsday Clock

Mad person. song on transformers soundtrack

This should be 1st! I love this tune! Especially when it plays in the scene where Megan Fox is carting Bumblebee around and he's just being awesome!

Why the hell isn't this a number one?

Yes this is just their great
Song of all time!

43 Silverf**k

Agreed, during their best era of touring

Best set closer ever

Best Jam Song in 1993/94/96/97

What the hell is this song doing at number fooking 77?

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44 To Forgive

This is by far their most touching and emotional song. Corgan's writing here is fantastic.

45 The Everlasting Gaze

Not enough people appreciate this song. It is truly perfect. This should be much further up in the list.

This is one of their if not the most dynamic and powerful songs.

Gotta love that bass

46 Obscured
47 Tear

This song is amazing. I can't even describe it but it is a must-listen if you haven't heard it yet. - evoxpisces

This song has some creepy, dark atmosphere!

48 We Only Come Out at Night

Probably my second favorite track off Melancholy, right behind 1979 - mtndewlord

Not the best, but it should at least break the top 50

49 The End is the Beginning is the End

This song deserves to be higher. The sound is amazing and perfect. Look it up on YouTube and click on the watchmen video. Not trailer amazing, the one were the guys being hit by electrisity.

The only good thing from Batman and Robin. And how bad the film was is the reason why this song never got any love. This has to be my absolute favorite Smashing Pumpkins song next to Cherub Rock, and I personally think this needs to be in the Top 10. Come on, it won a Grammy people!

Best one! No kidding, this song got me into them actually!

This should be number 3... Number 1 and 2 should be swapped

50 The Beginning is the End is the Beginning

Hands down, much better than THE END IS THE BEGINNING IS THE END. Love, love, love this song so much! It just has this cool vibe to it that makes you feel BADASS.

Love This Since I Watch Watchmen Hands Down Top Smashing Pumpkins Song Best Lyrics with rocking beat, deserves the first position

Is One Of My Favorite Smashing Pumpkins Song After I Watched Watchmen

What?! Not #1?! What are you guys listening to?

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