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21 Galapogos Galapogos

How is this 18th in the list. Has to be at least in the top 10, one of their best songs hands down.

18th is just an insult to this song, one of their best

Lyrics are just perfect

While Mayonaise is my favorite Smashing Pumpkins song, this defenetly needs to be higher. One of the most beautiful song ever written

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22 The Everlasting Gaze The Everlasting Gaze

Not enough people appreciate this song. It is truly perfect. This should be much further up in the list.

This is one of their if not the most dynamic and powerful songs.

23 Bury Me Bury Me

Gish is one of the best albums ever made, ever song on it is Hall of Fame material

24 Porcelina of the Vast Oceans Porcelina of the Vast Oceans

When this song comes on, I want nothing to disturb the experience of the journey it takes me on.

Honestly breathtaking. The top 10 combined aren't anything to this masterpiece in my opinion.

Porcelina and Soma... two disarming songs which represents for me the finest of Smashing Pumpkins.

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25 Quiet Quiet

That incredible solo! That riff! The screaming vocals live! It made me pick up the guitar back in the days and made me a definite Pumpkins fan. One of their best, albeit on their out-of-this world album Siamese Dream, it ain't easy to call it their absolute best. If you love this, check out the Vieuphoria live video on YouTube of Quiet!

You gotta love that bass. Best Pumpkins song ever!

26 Starla Starla

Though this one's not my very favourite, I am always thinking about Billy's Solo at the 1993 Metro, Chicago Siamese Dream Release Concert. Absolutely stunning and in general one of their best!

Possibly the best song ever made. Belongs on the soundtrack of the Universe

27 Luna Luna

Come on, this music is perfect, lets put it higher

28 By Starlight By Starlight
29 Bodies Bodies

Bodies is a close second for me. Jimmy just drives this song from start to finish in the way that only he can.

Who rates these songs? This song should be top 5 at least

Hard to decide a favorite...but I had to vote for Bodies; it deserves much better than 39th. It's not a single, so it's really just a hidden gem for all the real fans.

Lyrics, guitars, drums it all sounds so amazing when performed together. Overall best SP song by a mile

30 F*** You (An Ode to No One) F*** You (An Ode to No One)
31 Where Boys Fear to Tread Where Boys Fear to Tread
32 Doomsday Clock Doomsday Clock

Mad person. song on transformers soundtrack

This should be 1st! I love this tune! Especially when it plays in the scene where Megan Fox is carting Bumblebee around and he's just being awesome!

Why the hell isn't this a number one?

Yes this is just their great
Song of all time!

33 Dross
34 Silverf**k Silverf**k

Agreed, during their best era of touring

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35 Thirty-Three Thirty-Three

Seriously?! This song is second-to-last on the list?! It's such a beautiful song, how can people not appreciate it?

I was not expecting this! Deserves number ten at the very least, absolutely beautiful peaceful song that is great to listen to in bed at night time - wolphert

To me, it's not even close. It's a shame it's so low on this list.

Top 10 material

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36 Landslide Landslide

The song is very great!
It's the song with the most feeling

Covered by Fleetwood Mac, this song is beautiful.

Wrong. Fleetwood Mac song covered by The Pumpkins of course. But great cover! - Agent_Cooper

37 Obscured Obscured
38 The End Is the Beginning Is the End The End Is the Beginning Is the End

This song deserves to be higher. The sound is amazing and perfect. Look it up on YouTube and click on the watchmen video. Not trailer amazing, the one were the guys being hit by electrisity.

The only good thing from Batman and Robin. And how bad the film was is the reason why this song never got any love. This has to be my absolute favorite Smashing Pumpkins song next to Cherub Rock, and I personally think this needs to be in the Top 10. Come on, it won a Grammy people!

Best one! No kidding, this song got me into them actually!

This should be number 3... Number 1 and 2 should be swapped

39 To Forgive To Forgive

This is by far their most touching and emotional song. Corgan's writing here is fantastic.

40 Tear Tear

This song is amazing. I can't even describe it but it is a must-listen if you haven't heard it yet. - evoxpisces

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